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ГДЗ (відповіді) 8 клас Англійська мова Несвіт

   Lessons 1–2. Welcome Back!

UNIT 1. Mass Media: the Press
   Lesson 1-2. The Age of Information
   Lesson 3. We Are in Fleet Street
   Lesson 4-5. How Do You Get to Know the News?
   Lessons 6–7. What We Read
   Lessons 8–9. Navigating the Newspaper
   Lesson 10. Reading a Newspaper
   Lesson 11. Writing News Stories
   Lesson 13. Grammar Revision

UNIT 2. School Life
   Lessons 1–2. My Studies at School
   Lessons 3-4. Going to School in Ukraine
   Lesson 5. Primary and Secondary Education in Ukraine
   Lesson 6. School Subjects
   Lessons 7–8. Schools in Great Britain
   Lesson 9. After School
   Lessons 10-11. School in the News
   Lesson 13. Grammar Revision

UNIT 3. Books and Writers
   Lessons 1-2. Stories, Stories, and Stories…
   Lessons 3–4. Books Today
   Lessons 5–6. A Trip to the Library
   Lessons 7-8. Taras Shevchenko
   Lesson 9. The British Writers
   Lesson 10. A Book Review
   Lesson 11. Readers in the News
   Lesson 13. Grammar Revision

UNIT 4. Listening to Music
   Lessons 1-2. The Mystery of Music
   Lessons 3–4. Music Styles
   Lessons 5–6. Musical Instruments
   Lesson 7. Music Lessons
   Lessons 8-9. At the Concert
   Lesson 10. Favourite Melodies
   Lesson 11. Famous Composers
   Lesson 13. Grammar Revision

UNIT 5. Countries, People, Lifestyle: The UK and Ukraine
   Lesson 1–2. My Penfriends
   Lessons 3-4. Teenage Leisure
   Lesson 5. Climate and Weather
   Lesson 6. Whatever the Weather…
   Lesson 7. At the Map of the UK
   Lesson 8. The Land of Great Britain
   Lesson 9. Life in Britain
   Lesson 10. Different Countries, Different Customs...
   Lesson 11. Love Ukraine
   Lessons 12–13. At the Map of Ukraine
   Lesson 14. Countries in the News
   Lesson 16. Grammar Revision

   Mass Media: the Press
   Reader School Life
   Books and Writers
   Listening to Music
   People, Countries, Lifestyle: the UK and Ukraine


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