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Англійська мова для шкіл з поглибленим вивченням: підручник для 6 класу

підручник 6 клас Англійська мова Калініна 2014 рік
Українська мова навчання
Видавництво: Генеза
ISBN: 978-966-11-0430-2
Формат: PDF (електронна книга)


My Summer Diary  
I’m a Sixth Former Now  
Unit One: Family Ties
Family lifestyles  
Your Real Self  
Appearances are Deceptive  
The Two of Us: My Friend and I  
My Progress in English  
Unit Two: On Y'our Hobby Horse
2.1. May success attend you!  
2.2. Necessity or Obsession?  
2.3. In Season and Out of Season  
2.4. Let’s Agree to Differ  
2.5. My Progress in English  
Unit Three: School Life
3.1. School Routine  
3.2. I Have a Head for 
3.3. A Creative Mind  
3.4. To Each his Own  
3.5. My Progress in English  
Unit Four: Travelling
4.1. Choosing a Route  
4.2. Ready, set, go!  
4.3. Welcome to Ukraine  
4.4. “Step out of your cave and look around”  
4.5. My Progress in English  
Unit Five: Are you Good at Shopping?
5.1. Planning a Shopping Trip  
5.2. Shopping for Food  
5.3. Non-food Shopping  
5.4. Choosing a Present  
5.5. My Progress in English  
Unite Six: Help Yourself to...
What’s for Dinner?  
I’m a foodie, and you?  
Mind your Manners  
Holiday Foods  
My Progress in English  
Unit Seven: Welcome to the English-speaking World
7.1. So Many Countries So Many Cultures  
7.2. Discovering English-speaking Countries  
7.3. English-speaking Countries  
7.4. Get on Track  
7.5. My Progress in English  
First Aid Kit