Сторінка 156

p. 156 ex. 6. Write the answers to the questions given below
1. Is Dikanka rich in natural, architectural, and historical sights? — Yes, it is.
2. What is the name of a natural landmark in Dikanka? — The lilac grove.
3. When do many tourists try to visit Dikanka? — They try to visit it in summer.
4. What did the girl like about the architectural complex “Evenings On a Farm Near Dikanka”? — She liked to feel the life of the real Ukrainian village.


p. 156 ex. 1. Look and say what exhibits you can see in the museum.
1. I can see the exposition of watercolours in the museum.
2. I can see the exhibits of sculptures in the museum.
3. I can see the exposition of ceramics in the museum.
4. I can see the exibits of plaster copies in the museum. 

p. 156 ex. 2. Read the text about the Museum of History and Arts in Parkhomivka. Open the brackets and put the verbs into the correct tense forms.
1) became; 2) has; 3) call; 4) appeared; 5) came; 6) opened; 7) grew; 8) expanded; 9) became; 10) go.



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