Вправа 13

a) Look at the table and complete the sentences.
1. Mary doesn’t play hockey.
2. Tom plays hockey.
3. Mary enjoys reading.
4. Mary doesn't speak English.
5. Tom doesn't study German.
6. Tom collects coins.
7. Tom enjoys reading.
8. Mary studies German.

b) Look at the table (ex. 13a) and complete the dialogues.
1. A: Does Mary play hockey?
B: No, she doesn't. She enjoys swimming.
2. A: Does Tom play hockey?
B: Yes, he does. He plays hockey two times a week.
3. A: Does Mary speak English?
B: No, she doesn't. She speaks German.
4. A: Does Tom study German?
B: No, he doesn't. He studies English.
5. A: Does Tom collect coins?
B: Yes, he does. He collects coins with his brother.



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