Сторінка 175

p. 175, ex. 7. Nowadays it is not enough to have only basic education because our world is changing very fast and we have no time to waste. Every day we get more and more useful information so we must not only be good at reading and writing but also know one or two foreign languages. Why should we? Because nowadays only people who are good at using computers and know some foreign languages can get a good job. Only people who know English can communicate without problems in many foreign countries. They can run their business and do not rely on strange translators. They can watch English films and read books and magazines in English without problems. Knowing English makes us more confident. Moreover you can find pen friends and communicate with them using English or help a foreign tourist to find something. And learning foreign languages is good for brains.


p. 175, ex. 1. The children are in Musical club. They enjoy playing musical instruments. They are good at playing the violin and playing the flute. The children are in the Literature Club. They enjoy reading books and discussing them. They are good at retelling different interesting stories.


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