Сторінка 44

p. 44, ex. 7. a) Work in pairs. Ask and answer the questions.
1. Brian is dreaming of visiting a holiday camp because he is tired of going to the same place every summer.
2. George wrote the text.
3. The camp is in Ireland.
4. Its name is Kids Camp.
5. The children get up at seven o’clock there.
6. George hates getting up early but he doesn’t mind getting up early in the camp.
7. In the morning children have breakfast and play water polo for two hours.
8. George likes going hiking in the woods, especially when they have a treasure hunt best.
9. The children spend the evening in the camp and they sometimes listen to Sam playing the guitar and sing.
10. Sam is good at playing the guitar. 

b) Make true sentences about yourself. You can use some of the expressions below.
I love surfing the Internet and travelling to new places.
I enjoy eating fast food and swimming in the pool.
I’m good at doing housework.
I’m interested in watching sports on TV.
I’m tired of lying on a sunny beach.
I can’t stand getting up early and listening to loud music.
I’m bad at reading novels. 

p. 44, ex. 8. Read and check which three things Brian would like to do.
Brian would like to try horse riding.
Brian would like to go on a treasure hunt.
Brian would like to play as much water polo as he can.


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