Сторінка 6

p. 6, ex. 5. Speak in class. Use the photos below and the mind map on page 5 to talk about the reasons of going to school. Start like this:
School helps us find new friends and practise different useful skills. It also helps to become a reliable person and learn a lot of useful things for our future profession.

p. 6, ex. 6. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense form.
1. Our class always does some projects and helps the community.
2. Have you learnt anything new about healthy lifestyle yet?
3. Nowadays people can communicate easily with each other.
4. Peter has been doing Maths for two hours.
5. — Are you doing anything special at the moment? — I am thinking.
6. Our conversation with Tom was very difficult yesterday. I could not understand what he was talking about.

p. 6, ex. 7. Write a note to the Internet blog about your first school day. Use the words: to feel excited (shy, etc.), to be curious about something, to be delighted with, to show great interest, to get acquainted with somebody, to share summer impressions with somebody, etc.
My first day at school was really great. Finally I met my school friends. I missed them very much. I also missed my favourite teachers so I felt really excited when I came to my school yard. I was curious about my school classes some of which changed after redecoration. I was delighted to take new books for our lessons. My friends and I showed great interest to our new subjects and our new teachers. We got acquainted with them on our first day and I think that they are really great. After our lessons we decided to go to a café to share our summer impressions with each other.


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