Сторінка 9

p. 9, ex. 2. a) Work in groups. Complete the mind map.

Where Does the Information Come from?

a) A newspaper, a magazine, TV, radio, the Internet.
b) TV usually presents news, soap operas, documentaries, sport programmes, quiz shows and feature films. Radio usually presents news, entertainment programmes, concerts, music quizzes. Newspapers usually present news, reviews, interviews and commentaries. Magazines usually present sports, travel, computers, fashion, cars, home decorating. The Internet usually presents any kind of information on different websites.

p. 9, ex. 3. a) Listen and choose the correct item to complete the sentences.
1. Alex and Tom are at home, a) 2. Alex and Tom talk about a present for Dan. a) 3. The boys have decided to buy a CD. c)
b) Use the prompts to complete the dialogue. Act it out.
Alex: Have you decided on a present yet?
Tom: I’d like to buy either a computer game or a CD.
Alex: Computer games have developed into a mass form of media lately. Children and teenagers spend hours playing them.
Tom: Dan knows the right balance between work and leisure.
Alex: As far as I know he has a great number of computer games at home. Let’s buy a CD for him.
Tom: Who is his favourite singer?
Alex: Why not ask Ann?
Tom: OK.


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