Сторінка 151

P. 151-152 ex. 9a. Copy the grid on page 152. Read the following explanations and match them with the words from the box.

1. It is rubbish, waste or other things we throw away Garbage
2. It’s a thick forest in tropical parts of the world, like in Amazon area Rainforest
3. It is our planet the Earth
4. We have so many of them, like air, sea and land pollution, holes in the ozone layer and so on Environmental problems
5. They are experiments with nuclear weapons (like bombs) Nuclear testing
6. It is the process of making our environment dirty and unhealthy for living Pollution
7. It can come from nuclear, electrical, solar or wind power Energy
8. It is a very big problem of our time, If we don’t protect them they will disappear forever Animals in danger
9. A great deal of pollution comes from the fumes (gases) they give off. We should walk or use bikes instead, whenever we can Cars
10. It is the science that studies the relations of plants, animals and people to each other and to their environment Ecology


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