Test 5

Read the text and mark if the statements are T (True) or F (False) as in the example.
1 F Irish people are not very friendly.
2 T There are good shops in Dublin.
3 T The stories of Swift, Wilde and Joyce are in English.
4 F When you kiss the Blarney Slone, you become healthy.
5 T There are many historic buildings in Ireland.
6 F Skiing is a popular activity in Ireland.

Mark the correct variant (A-D) to fill in the blanks (1-6) as in the example.
1 A selling
2 В to persuade
3 A believe
4 C working
5 В to give up
6 D Creating

Mark the correct variant (A-D) to fill in the blanks (7-12) as in the example.
7 D still
8 A much
9 В had
10 C in
11 A there
12 B each

You have decided to organise a surprise party for your sister. Write a letter to your friend inviting him/her for the party (at least 50 words). Use the plan below and your own ideas:
• details about the party theme;
• place and time;
• directions on how to get there.

Hi, Dan!
There’s a birthday party and you’re invited. But don’t tell Hrystyna because she doesn’t know. It’s a surprise party!
Join us on Sunday, May 4,2018 at 2.30 p.m.
25/6 Zelena Street.
You can take a bus № 5 or № 82 to get to our place.
Take care,
Привіт, Дене!
Запрошую тебе на вечірку з нагоди дня народження. Але не кажи нічого Христині, тому що вона не знає. Це вечірка-сюрприз!
Приєднуйся до нас у неділю, 4 травня 2018 року о 14:30.
Вулиця Зелена, 25/6.
Ти можеш сісти на автобус №5 або №82, щоб дістатися сюди.
Бережи себе,



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