Unit 3. Let’s Celebrate!


p. 67 ex. 3. b) Ask and answer in pairs.
A: Shall we sing Christmas carols?
B: No, we shan’t. We shan’t sing Christmas carols.

A: Will he write a letter?
B: Yes, he will. He’ll write a letter.

A: Will she make an apple pie?
B: Yes, she will. She’ll make an apple pie.

A: Will they make New Year decorations?
B: Yes, they will. They’ll make New Year decorations.

A: Will you get presents?
B: Yes, you will. You’ll get presents.


p. 76 ex. 3. Answer the questions.
1. Bill loves birthday parties.
2. They put an extra candle for good luck.
3. In Canada parents put butter on their children’s noses for good luck.

p. 76 ex. 4. Match the sentences with the pictures.
1e. 2b. 3c. 4a. 5d.

p. 78 ex. 6. a) Write a list.
For my party I need: a cake; some presents; a bar of chocolate; some sweets; some balloons; a can of Coke; a birthday cake; some biscuits.

b) Ask and answer in pairs.
A: I need some balloons and a pizza.
B: How many balloons do you need?
A: I need ten balloons.
B: How many presents do you need?
A: I need a lot of presents.
B: How many bars of chocolate do you need?
A: I need three bars of chocolate.
B: How many cans of Coke do you need?
A: I need five cans of Coke.


p. 79 ex. 2. b) Match sentences to the people.
Shop assistant: Can I help you?
Ann: Can I have this mug, please?
Shop assistant: Here you are.
Ann: How much is it?
Shop assistant: It’s 50 p.
Ann: Thanks.

p. 80 ex. 3. Listen again and choose the correct answer.
1b, 2a, 3b, 4a.


p. 82 ex. 1. Ask and answer in pairs.
1. How many days are there in a year? There are 365 days in a year. (There are 366 days in a leap year).
2. How many seasons are there in a year? There are four seasons in a year.
3. How many months are there in a year? There are twelve months in a year.
4. How many months are there in a season? There are three months in a season.
5. How many weeks are there in a month? There are four weeks in a month.
6. How many days are there in a month? There are thirty or thirty-one days in a month. (There are twenty-eight or twenty-nine days in February.)
7. How many days are there in a week? There are seven days in a week.

p. 82 ex. 2. Look at the calendar, ask and answer.
1. Which months have got thirty days?
April, June, September and November have got thirty days.
2. Which months have got thirty-one days?
January, March, May, July, August, October, December have got thirty-one days.
3. Which month has got twenty-eight days?
February has got twenty-eight days.

p. 83 ex. 3. b) Find and say.
1. Nick’s birthday is on the 3d of December. (on the third of December). He likes music. He can sing. His favourite food is cheese.
2. Bill’s birthday is on the 22nd of March, (on the twenty-second of March). He likes dancing. He can write stories. His favourite food is a hamburger.
3. Vicky’s birthday is on the 1st of July, (on the first of July). She likes children. She can play games with them. Her favourite food is fish.
4. Kate’s birthday is on the 15th of September, (on the fifteenth of September). She is clever. She likes books. She can help her friend. Her favourite food is pizza.

p. 84 ex. 4. Ask and answer in pairs.
A: When is your birthday?
B: It is on the 25th of July. (on the twenty-fifth of July).
A: What can you do?
B: I can write songs.
A: What is your favourite food?
B: My favourite food is pizza.
A: When is your birthday?
B: It is on the 20th of January. (on the twentieth of January). A: What do you like?
B: I like asking questions and talking to people.
A: What can you do?
B: I can help people.
A: What is your favourite food?
B: My favourite food is cheese.

p. 84 ex. 5. Ask and answer in pairs.
22nd — the twenty-second, 23d — the twenty-third,
16th — the sixteenth, 35th — the thirty-fifth,
47th — the forty-seventh, 51st — the fifty-first,
90th — the ninetieth, 100th — the hundredth.


p. 85 ex. 1. Read and match. (There is an extra picture here.)
1d, 2b, 3a.

p. 86 ex. 2. Choose the correct words.
1c, 2b, 3c, 4b.

p. 86 ex. 3. Read, then ask and answer in pairs (see page 87).
a. It will be Sam’s birthday.
b. The birthday party will be on Tuesday, the 15th of May. (the fifteenth of May).
c. His friends will ride horses, play outside, feed the animals.
d. They will eat hamburgers and a big cake.
e. They will wear hats.

p. 87 ex. 5. Look and write the invitation for your birthday party.
Invitation to a party
To: Tom, Kate and Paul.
When: Sunday, the 10th of May.
Time: 2 p.m.
Where: Café «Troyanda» 25 Derevyanko Street.
Food: pizza, a cake, Coke.
Games outside, music, dance.


p. 88 ex. 2. Match, then ask and answer in pairs.
a February, 14 St. Valentine’s day.
c April (or May) Easter.
d January, 7 (or December, 25) Christmas Day.
e May, 9 Victory Day.
f January, 1 New Year.
g March, 8 Mother’s Day.

p. 90 ex. 5. Ask and answer in pairs.
A: What is your favourite holiday?
B: My favourite holiday is New Year.
A: When do you celebrate it?
B: We celebrate it on the 31st of December. (on the thirty-first of December).
A: Why do you like it?
B: I like it because it is a funny and happy holiday in a year. And I like getting presents, singing songs and dancing on that day very much.

p. 90 ex. 6b) Speak about your and your friends’ favourite holidays.
Easter is my favourite holiday. We celebrate it in April or May. I like it because it is a nice and happy holiday and I like eating Easter cake and going to the church.
My friend’s favourite holiday is St. Valentine’s Day. We celebrate it on the 14th of February (on the fourteenth of February). He likes getting and sending Valentine’s Day cards. I like reading and writing funny rhymes on that day.


p. 93 ex. 3. Choose and complete. Write the sentences in your exercise book.
1b, 2b, 3c, 4b, 5a.


p. 94 ex. 1. …describe the picture.
There is a banana. There are three bottles of Coke. There are some apples. There is a sandwich. There are some eggs. There are some plums. There is a piece of pizza.

p. 94 ex. 2. …fill in ‘much’ or ‘many’.
1 many. 2 much. 3 much. 4 many. 5 many. 6 much.

p. 95 ex. 3. …read and answer the questions.
1. The pizza shop is in Regent Street 7 in London.
2. You can have onions, tomatoes, corn, mushrooms, olives, peppers, extra cheese.
3. Free orange juice with large or extra large pizza is special this month.

p. 95 ex. 4. …have a talk.
A: Can I help you?
B: Yes, please. Can I have a pizza with tomatoes, mushrooms, olives and extra cheese? A medium pizza.
A: OK. That’s 40 pounds.
B: Here you are.
A: Here is your pizza and free orange juice.
B: Thanks.

p. 96 ex. 6. … match and say.
1e, 2a, 3b, 4c, 5f, 6d.

p. 97 ex. 7. … read the text, then complete the sentences.
1) b, 2) c, 3) b, 4) c, 5) b.

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