1. Fill in my or your.
Your; My.

2. Fill in his or her.
Her; His; His.

3. Circle the right word.
His; Her; She; She; She. His; His; He; He; He.

4. Write the sentences.
His surname is Madison. He is from LA. He is a clown. He is 33.

5. Complete the sentences.
Helen; Shevchenko; Yasochka; Ukraine; Pupil.


1. Write the numbers.
18; 25; 51; 34; 11; 69; 100; 19; 3.

2. Write the words.
Ten; twelve; four; twenty; thirteen; nine; fifteen; six; seventeen.

3. How old is everyone in Вill’s family? Work it out!
thirty-six; forty-five; six; nine.


1. Write.
Her e-mail is Her favourite colour is pink. Her favourite sport is skating.
Brad Lender is a boy. He is from England. His e-mail is His favourite colour is blue. His favourite sport is football.

2. Read and complete the form on page 9.
Alice; a girl; 10; France; red; volleyball;; 568 32 22.

3. Write your answers.
Helen; nine; Ukraine; tennis;; 337 25 46.