Unit 5. My City – My Home


p. 89 ex. 1. Read and tick true sentences.
I live in a flat. There is a hall in my flat. There is a kitchen in my flat. There is a living-room in my flat. There is a bedroom in my flat. There is a bathroom in my flat. There is a toilet in my flat. I have got my own room. My room isn’t big. There is a bed in my room. There is a computer in my room. There is a desk in my room. There is a wardrobe in my room. There is a chair in my room. There is a bookcase in my room. My room is nice and light. I like my room.

p. 90 ex. 2. Look and complete with the words from the boxes.
between; above; behind; in the corner; in the middle; around.

p. 90 ex. 3. Draw your room and write about it.
(suggested answers).
This is my room. It is not big but it is light. There is a bed on the left in my room. There is a carpet above the bed. There is a desk next to the bed. There is a timetable above the desk. There is a chair at the desk. There is a computer on the desk. There is a bookcase opposite the desk. There is a chest of drawers in the corner of my room. There are curtains on the window.


p. 91 ex. 1. Guess, draw and write.
cupboard; fireplace; bookcase.

p. 91 ex. 2. Solve the R-puzzle. What pieces of furniture are here?
wardrobe; mirror; fireplace cupboard.

p. 92 ex. 3. Look at the picture and fill in the blanks.
2. on ; 3. in front; 4. near; 5. on the left; 6. between; 7. above; 8. behind.

p. 92 ex. 4. Choose a), b) or c) and complete the sentences.
1b; 2a 3b; 4b; 5b.


p. 93 ex. 1. Match words to the pictures and make four sentences with them.
1) block of flats; 2) a building; 3) a street; 4) a house.
There is a block of flats next to the market. There is a high building in the middle of the street. There is a wide and straight street near my house. There is a house in the wood.

p. 93 ex. 2. Read the text in task 2 on page 132 of your Pupil’s Book. Write an interview with Vicky.
1. — What is your name? — My name is Vicky.
2. — What is your surname? — My surname is Stone.
3. — How old are you? — I am nine.
4. — Where is your home? — My home is London?
5. — What is London? — London is a big city.
6. — What is your address? — I live at 10 Green Street.
7. — Do you live in a house or a flat? — I live in a house.
8. — Do you like your house? — Yes, I do.
9. — Is it big or small? — It is not very big.

p. 94 ex. 3. Write about your place.
(suggested answers)
1. My place is called Kharkiv.
2. It is big.
3. My address is 25 Sumska Street.
4. My street is long.
5. My flat is big.
6. Yes, I have. I have got my own room in the flat.
7. Yes, I do. I like my room very much.


p. 95 ex. 1. Complete the words with the right letters and match them to the pictures.
1. Museum; 2. Double-decker; 3. Bridge; 4. Town; 5. City; 6. Underground.

p. 95 ex. 2. Complete the words with the right letters and match them to the pictures.
1. London is a very big city. 2. It is in England. 3. The Thames is the river in London. 4. The Tower Bridge can go up and down. 5. You can walk, run, ride a bike or ride a horse in Hyde Park. 6. You can see mummies in the British Museum. 7. They are black. 8. The place where the trains go under the streets is called underground. 9. A double-decker is a red bus in the streets of London.

p. 96 ex. 3. Write about your town.
(suggested answers)
1. My city is called Kharkiv. 2. It is in Ukraine. 3. Yes, there is. There is a river in my city. It is called Lopan. 4. No, there isn’t. There isn’t a lake in my city. 5. No, it isn’t. There isn’t a sea near my city. 6. Yes, there is. There is a big park in my place. I can walk, ride a horse, go on the rollercoaster and visit some attractions and cafes there. 7. Yes, there are. There are a lot of buildings in my city. 8. Yes, there are. There are some old buildings in my city. 9. There are some museums in my city. You can see pictures, old things, plants and animals there. 10. Yes, there are. There are a lot of cars and buses in my city. 11. Yes, there is. There is an underground in my city. 12. Yes, it is. It is a nice place to live.


p. 97 ex. 1. Look and write. Use the words from the box.
cinema; market; circus; museum; theatre.

p. 97 ex. 2. Scramble the words and make up sentences with them.
gallery; market; theatre; museum; cinema; circus.
Is there a museum in your city? Are there any markets next to your building? There is a circus in my city. There are many theatres in my city. There are some cinemas in my city.

p. 98 ex. 3. Solve the City crossword.
1. cinema; 2. museum; 3. circus; 4. theatre; 5. museum.

p. 98 ex. 4. Read and write.
3 ...are. 4. Are; ... aren’t. 5. Is there a circus? Yes, there is. 6. Is there a gallery? No, there isn’t.


p. 99 ex. 1. Find the words and (circle) them.
bank; opposite; post office; behind; restaurant; between.

p. 99 ex. 2. Look and write.
2) It’s at 15 Station Street. 3) It’s at 64 Park Street. 4) It’s at 23 Pink Street. 5) It’s at 95 Market Street.

p. 99 ex. 3. a) Look, read and guess what A, B, C, D, E, F are in it.
A — theatre; B — cinema; C — museum; D — circus; E — gallery; F — bank.
b) Write what you know.
a is a theatre. B is a cinema. C is a museum. D is a circus. E is a gallery. F is a bank.

p. 100 ex. 4. Look at this street. Write what there is in it.
There is a street in the city. There are many cars in the street. There is a cinema in the street. There is a shop next to the cinema. There is a police station next to the shop. There is a swimming pool opposite the cinema.; There is a bank. There is a school behind the bank. There is a park between the school and the church. There is a church next to the park.


p. 101 ex. 1. Read, guess and write.
A restaurant or a café; a bakery; a bus stop or bus station; a police station; a bank; a post-office.

p. 101 ex. 2a) Make more true sentences about Park Street.
The pet shop is between the toy shop and-the sweet shop. The toy shop is next to the restaurant on the right side of the street. The sweet shop is opposite the bakery. The video rental is opposite the toy shop. The bakery is next to the supermarket. The supermarket is on the left side of the street. Greg’s house is between the video rental and the bakery.
b) What is there in this street? Read the sentences and find out.
Number 2 is the bakery. Number 3 is the video rental. Number 4 is the supermarket. Number 5 is the sweet shop.

p. 102 ex. 3. Answer the questions with Yes, there is. / No, there isn’t.
2. Yes, there are. 3.Yes, there is. 4. Yes, there is. 5. No, there isn’t. 6. Yes, there are.

p. 102 ex. 4. Write about your street.
There are a lot of cars, buses and trolleybuses in my street. There are some supermarkets, bakeries, and shops in my street. There are some theatres and cinemas in my street. There isn’t a school in my street. There aren’t museums in my street.


p. 103 ex. 1. Look at the map on page 143 of your PB. Read and find out.
2. Short; 3. Park; 4. Elm.

p. 103 ex. 2. Look, read and match.
2a; 3c; 4d.

p. 104 ex. 3. Look at the map on page 148 of your PB and write the answers.
2. Bank Street; left. 3. right; Bank Street; cinema library. 4. Station Street; River Street; left. 5. Station Street; Bank Street; left; supermarket.


p. 105 ex. 1. Make a list of the buildings in your town. Write the name and address of the buildings if you can.

buildings names and addresses
bank 41 Lenin Street
supermarket 75 Pobeda Avenue
chemist’s 15 Sumska Street
theatre 45 Sumska Street

p. 105 ex. 2. Give advice as in the example.
Go to the café. Go to the post-office. Go to the park or to the cinema.

p. 106 ex. 3. Look at the map on page 143 and make up dialogues about:
1A: ... the police station.
B: ... Cross Main Street. The police station is between the bank and the post office.
2A: ... the school?
B: ... go along School Street. Stop at the bus stop and cross the street.
3A: ... the library?
B: Go along Oak Street, cross Main Street. The library is on the right side behind the cinema.

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