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р. 7 ex. 3. Прочитай та вибери правильний елемент.

Steve: Ні! What is your name?
Dan: My name is Dan.
Steve: Are you from London?
Dan: No, I’m not.
Steve: Where are you from?
Dan: I am from Kyiv. And you?
Steve: I am from London.

p. 7 ex. 5. Доповни речення правильною формою дієслова to be (am, is, are).

1. Miss Alison is a teacher.
2. We are from Ukraine.
3. My teacher is from Great Britain.
4. I am not from Great Britain.
5. They are very good friends.
6. Steve is not my classmate.
7. We are at the English lesson.


p. 8 ex. 2. а) Знайди ці речі на малюнку вправи 1. Скажи, де вони знаходяться. Використовуй слова з рамочки.

A computer is on the table. A bookcase is next to the wall. A clock is on the wall. A blackboard is behind the teacher.

p. 9 ex. 4. Прочитай та вибери правильні слова.

1. A: Is this your exercise book?
В: No, it isn’t. That is my exercise book. It is green.
2. These are my pens, those are her pens.
3. These aren’t your pencils. They are my pencils.
4. A: Are these your CDs?
B: No. Those are my CDs in that bag.

p. 9 ex. 5. а) Напиши кілька речень про вашу класну кімнату. Використовуй слова: big, light, posters, windows, a computer, a book-case, a clock.

Зразок: This is our classroom. It is big and light. This is a book-case. And that is a clock. These are windows. And those are posters. There is a computer. There are flowers.

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