Unit 2. Life in cities and villages


p. 28 ex. 5. Напиши про твоє помешкання. Користуйся словами, які приведено нижче.
I live in Poltava in three rooms flat. It is big and clean. There are two bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a long hall in our flat. The bedrooms are small but the living room is big and noisy. We also have a bathroom and balconies. There is a lovely view of a yard from one of them.


p. 29 ex. 1. b) Напиши правдиву інформацію.
1. Their flat is in the old part of the city. — Their flat is in the city centre.
2. The Parker’s flat is not big. — The Parker’s flat is large and cosy.
3. It is on the first floor. — It is on the third floor.
4. There is a living-room, a dining-room and a children’s room in the flat. — There is a living room, a bedroom and a children’s room in the flat.

p. 30 ex. 3. Дай відповіді на запитання.
1. This room is the largest in the flat.
2. There is a square table in the middle of the room.
3. There is a TV-set in the right corner.
4. Parker’s like to sit in this room in the evening.

p. 30 ex. 4. Подивись і скажи. Склади якнайбільше речень. Опиши кімнату Стіва та Моллі.
The children’s room is small.
There is a square carpet on the floor.
There are two beds in the room.
There are bookshelves on the walls.
There are some photos on the walls.
There is a desk in the room.
There are two chairs in the room.
There is a computer on the desk.

p. 30 ex. 5. Намалюй свою кімнату. Напиши, що це за кімната, де стоять меблі, і що ти робиш у цій кімнаті. Використовуй слова з рамочки.
This is my room. There is a bed near the left wall. There is a blue carpet on the floor near my bed. There is a table and a chair near the window. There is a big lamp on the table. There are many photos on the walls in my room. There is a bookcase in front of my bed. And there are many books and my school things in it. My room is not big but it is very clean and cosy.


p. 32 ex. 3. Погодься або запереч.
1. Yes, it is. Their bedroom is light and cosy.
2. No, it isn’t. The carpet is big.
3. No, they don’t. They keep their clothes in the wardrobe.
4. Yes, it is. There is a mirror in the bedroom.

p. 32 ex. 4. Попрацюй в парі. Запитай і дай відповіді.
1. The Parkers’ bedroom is not large. It is small.
2. Yes, it is.
3. There is a bed, a bedside table, a mirror and a lamp in this bedroom.
4. The Parkers keep their clothes in the wardrobe.

p. 32 ex. 5. Напиши 6 речень про твою спальню або про кімнату твоїх батьків.
My bedroom is not large. It is small and cosy. There is a big yellow carpet in the middle of my bedroom. There is a bed, a wardrobe, a chair and a bedside table there. There is a big mirror above the bedside table. And there are lots of photos on the walls.


p. 33 ex. 3. Вибери та скажи.
1. The Parkers have their meals in the kitchen.
2. There are a lot of cupboards in their kitchen.
3. There is a round table and some chairs at the wall.

p. 34 ex. 5. Напиши про кухню у твоєму будинку чи квартирі. Тобі допоможуть наступні питання.
Our kitchen is not large but it is clear. There is a table and three chairs on the right. There are some cupboards on the wall. There is a cooker, a fridge and a sink at the left wall. There isn’t a dishwasher in the kitchen. But there is a TV above the table. We have our meals in the kitchen. We also like to meet our friends there.


p. 36 ex. 4. Напиши 4 речення про родину Паркерів. Використай табличку з ех. 3b.
The Parkers are doing their house work.
Mrs. Parker is going to the store. Mr. Parker is cleaning the floor. Molly is feeding the cat.
Steve is sweeping the floor.

p. 36 ex. 5 а) Намалюй постер про свої домашні справи та напиши про них.
My mum and granny are busy with their housework all day long. I often help them.
I usually sweep the floor. Sometimes I wash the dishes. We always go shopping together. But I never cook. I like to feed my cat, but I don’t like vacuuming the floor. Today is Saturday. I am cleaning my room now.


p. 37 ex. 1. Подивись на малюнок. Вибери і скажи.
1. Kate’s family is cleaning their flat.
2. Kate is washing up.
3. Her mum is cleaning the window.
4. Kate’s dad and her brother are repairing the chair.

p. 38 ex. 3. Утвори якнайбільше речень.
I am reading a book at the moment.
I am listening to music now.
I am washing up now.
You are cooking at the moment.
You are helping about the house now.
We are listening to music at the moment.
We are cooking now.
They are helping about the house now.
Dan is reading a book at the moment.
Ann is cooking at the moment.
Dan is listening to music now.
Ann is washing up now.

p. 38 ex. 5. Запиши запитання до наступних речень.
1. What is Tom doing now?
2. What is my granny doing at the moment?
3. Are you doing washing up now?
4. What are Andy and Molly doing?


p. 38 ex. 1. Заповни табличку і запиши її в зошит.

I write I don’t write Do I write?
He/She writes He/She doesn’t write Does he/she write?
I am reading I am not reading Am I reading?
You are reading You are not reading Are you reading?
He/She is reading He/She is not reading Is he/she reading?

р. 39 ех. 2. Енні та Ден відпочивають у селі. Подивись на малюнок і прочитай табличку нижче. Запиши речення за зразком.
Ann and Dan usually go to the swimming pool but now they are swimming in the river.
They usually watch television but now they are listening to Granny’s stories.
The children usually eat sausages but now they are eating carrots and tomatoes.
Ann and Dan usually take a bus but now they are walking.
They usually buy vegetables but now the children are growing vegetables.

p. 40 ex. 4. Поєднай речення з малюнками А, В чи С.
1. I keep my clothes in the wardrobe. A
2. Where is Steve? — He is having a shower. C
3. There are some fresh vegetables in the fridge. You can make a salad. В

p. 40 ex. 5. Устав прийменники on, in, at.
1. My grandmother lives in a big block of flats in London.
2. Our flat is on the ground floor.
3. — Where is the library?
— It is in number 15, Green Street.
4. My grandparents and I were in Lviv in 2012.
5. How many rooms are there on the first floor?

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