Unit 3. Free time


p. 41 ex. 2. Дай відповіді на запитання.
1. A hobby is a thing you like doing in your free time.
2. People collect many things — coins, stamps, CDs, toys, books.
3. Girls usually like painting and making things.
4. Boys like playing sports.

p. 42 ex 3. b. Розкажи класу про одне-два улюблених заняття твого друга або подруги.
Masha has got a hobby. She collects postcards. She also dances. Kiril has a hobby. He plays football. He also collects CDs.

p. 42 ex. 4. а) Подивись і скажи, що ти любиш робити.
I like cooking and taking photos.
I like playing football and reading.
I like painting and playing computer games.
I like playing the guitar and rollerblading.
I like listening to music and playing the piano.
I like skateboarding and making thing.

p. 43 ex. 4. b) Розкажи про кожне хобі з тих, що ти побачив на малюнках вправи 4 а).
I think cooking is difficult. I think playing the guitar is exciting. I think taking photos is interesting. I think painting is boring. I think playing computer games is easy. I think roller-skating is funny. I think playing the piano is boring. I think making things is interesting. I think listening to music is easy. I think playing football is boring. I think skateboarding is funny. I think reading is exciting.

p. 43 ex. 5. Напиши 6 речень про твої улюблені заняття.
1) Му name is Olga. I am nine. I have a hobby. I collect dolls. I think it’s very interesting. And I also like playing the piano and reading books.
2) My name is Andrew. I am ten. I have a hobby. I like making things. I think it’s difficult but useful. I also like playing the guitar and dancing.


p. 43 ex. 1. Подивись на малюнок. Дай відповіді на запитання.
1. The people are by the river.
2. Mr. Parker is fishing.
3. Mrs. Parker is cooking lunch.
4. Their children are playing badminton.

p. 43 ex. 3. Скажи «Так», «Ні» чи «Я не знаю».
1. Yes, they are. (True). 2. Yes, it is. (True). 3. I don’t know. 4. No, he isn’t. (False). 5. Yes, they are. (True).

p. 44 ex. 5. Напиши 4 речення про хобі родини Паркерів.
Mr. Parker likes fishing. Mrs. Parker likes making picnics. Steve likes playing badminton. Molly likes cooking.


p. 45 ex. 2. Вибери і скажи.
1. Ann is drawing her pony collection.
2. Kim is drawing her doll collection.
3. Dan’s hobby is scale modeling.

p. 45 ex. 4. Розкажи своїм однокласникам про свої захоплення.
I have some hobbies. I like reading books and dancing. I like listening to music and singing but I can’t play any musical instrument. My favourite sport is tennis. I often play badminton with my friends.

p. 45 ex. 5. I like collecting postcards and paintings.
My sister likes playing the piano.
My mother likes playing tennis.
My father likes making things and listening to music. My grandpa likes playing chess.
My grandma likes reading books.


р. 46 ex. 1. b) Подивись і скажи, які програми ти любиш/ не любиш.
I don’t like watching cartoons. I like watching quizzes. I don’t like watching news. I like watching films. I don’t like watching sports programmes. I like watching football matches.

p. 47 ex. 5. Подивись на програму передач у вправі 3 та запиши виділені слова. У діалозі вправи 2 с. 46 запиши свій діалог та розіграй його.
A: When does Puss in Boots start?
B: Let’s look at the TV guide. This cartoon starts at quarter to ten. A: What channel is it on?
B: It is on FOX KIDS. And it’s twenty minutes to ten now.
A: It’s time to switch on TV, then!


p. 48 ex. 4. Розкажи своїм однокласникам про твою улюблену телепередачу. Використай наступні запитання.
Mу favourite programme is a quiz show «Guess the melody». It is about musicians. The day of the programme is Thursday. The programme starts at half past ten. I like this programme because it is interesting and funny.

p. 48 ex. 5. Напиши 6-7 речень про ту програму, яка тобі подобається. Використовуй план вправи 4.
Mу favourite programme is Extreme sorts. It is about brave sportsmen. The day of the programme is Saturday. The programme starts at half past nine. I like this programme because it is exciting.


p. 49 ex. 2. Розкажи твоїм однокласникам, у яку гру ти грав учора.
I played hopscotch yesterday. I played chess yesterday. I played tennis yesterday. I played badminton yesterday. I played football yesterday. I played volleyball yesterday. I played hide-and-seek yesterday. I played computer games yesterday.

p. 50 ex. 5. Напиши 6 речень про твоїх друзів. Які їхні хобі? Що вони робили вчора?
A) Му friend Sonia collects calendars with horses. She likes to play chess and to dance. Yesterday she played tennis.
B) My friend Ivan collects coins. He likes to play football and to listen to music. Yesterday he rode a bike.


p. 51 ex. 2. Скажи «Так», «Ні» або «Я не знаю».
1. True. 2. True. 3. I don’t know. 4. False. 5. True.

р. 52. ex. 4. Утвори та запиши слова
watch + ed = watched
listen + ed = listened
collect + ed = collected
jump + ed = jumped
help + ed = helped
walk + ed = walked
like + ed = liked
ask + ed = asked
start + ed = started
cook + ed = cooked
visit + ed = visited
thank + ed = thanked

p. 53 ex. 5. Напиши про твою колекцію.
A) I collect cups. I think it is interesting. My collection is hot big. There are fifteen items in it. My favourite item is a big red cup with a picture of Kharkiv on it. My collection started last year.
B) I collect posters with cats. I think it is interesting. My collection is big. There are forty-seven items in it. My favourite item is a poster with a big red fluffy cat. My collection started five years ago.


p. 53 ex. 2. Дай відповіді на запитання.
1. They went to the local water park.
2. Yes, they did. They had a nice time.
3. The water was warm.
4. The children swam and rode the water slides.
5. They ate ice cream and drank juice.

p. 53 ex. 3. Запиши правильну інформацію.
1. Ann and Dan went to the local cinema. Park.
2. The weather was warm. The water.
3. They laughed a lot. Swam.
4. They ate cakes and drank juice. Ice cream.

p. 54 ex. 4. c) Вибери та доповни.
1. Alex went to the zoo last summer.
2. Tom visits his grandparents every week.
3. Ann is skipping a rope now.
4. Children walk in the forest every summer.
5. My parents traveled to Egypt two years ago.

p. 55 ex. 5. Намалюй малюнок про твій найкращій вихідний. Напиши про нього.
It was Saturday. The weather was good. I was with my parents. I had a nice time. We also played badminton and picked up flowers. I was happy.


p. 55 ex. 1. Прочитай, що Ден робить щодня, та напиши, що він робив учора.
1. Dan walked to school yesterday.
2. He trained in the gym yesterday.
3. Dan helped his parents yesterday.
4. He phoned his grandparents yesterday.
5. Dan listened to music yesterday.
6. He played football yesterday.

р. 55 ex. 2. Прочитай та доповни розповідь. Використай Past Simple.
Kim came (come) home from school at three o’clock. She drank (drink) a cup of tea and ate (eat) a sandwich. Then she phoned (phone) her friend. The girls went (go) to the park. There they met (meet) Tom and Steve. The children played (play) hide-and-seek together. In the evening they went (go) to the cinema.

p. 56 ex. 4. Напиши no одному реченню з кожним з цих слів.
1. Last year Tim became a pupil.
2. The girls went to the zoo.
3. I listened to music yesterday.
4. The boys made a new chair.
5. Alice met Tom in the park.
6. We helped our grandma at the kitchen.
7. Steve swam in the lake.
8. Jane visited her friend.

p. 56 ex. 5. Напиши, що ці діти робили або не робили вчора.
Ann played hopscotch and rollerskated yesterday, but she didn’t play tennis or swim.
Steve played tennis and rollerskated yesterday, but he didn’t play hopscotch or swim.
Jane played hopscotch and swam yesterday, but she didn’t play tennis or rollerskate.
Tom played tennis and swam yesterday, but he didn’t play hopscotch or rollerskate.
Dan played tennis and rollerskated yesterday, but he didn’t play hopscotch or swim.

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