Unit 4. The world around us


p. 58 ex. 4. Доповни речення.
1. You live on the Earth.
2. You can see the sun and the sky with clouds.
3. You can smell beautiful flowers and fresh air.
4. Nature is in the mountains and valleys, seas and oceans, deserts and forests.
5. Animals and birds, bees and butterflies are also part of nature.
6. Take care of nature.

p. 58 ex. 5. Дай відповіді на запитання.
1. We live on the Earth.
2. I can see the sun and the sky, birds and animals, trees and people around.
3. Nature is everything around us.
4. We can keep it clean. We can plant trees and flowers. We can feed animals.


p. 58 ex. 1. b) Скажи, де живуть ці тварини.
A cheetah lives in savanna. A dolphin lives in a sea. A python lives in the jungle. A hippo lives in a river or in a lake.

p. 59 ex. 2. Вибери і скажи.
1. Fish, dolphins and sharks live in the seas and oceans.
2. Lions, cheetahs and elephants live in the desert.
3. Bears, foxes and wolves live in the forest.

р. 59 ex. 5. Запиши 3 запитання та відповіді до малюнків на с. 58. Використовуй слова «big», «fast», «long».
1. Who is faster, a cheetah or a hippo? — A cheetah is faster.
2. Who is longer, a dolphin or a python? — A python is longer.
3. Who is bigger, a hippo or a cheetah? — A hippo is bigger.


p. 61 ex. 2. Попрацюйте в парі. Дайте відповіді на запитання.
1. Steve was in the safari park last summer.
2. He saw a lot of wild animals there.
3. No, it wasn’t.

p. 61 ex. 4. Погодься або запереч.
1. No, it isn’t. 2. No, they aren’t. 3. Yes, they are. 4. Yes, they are. 5. Yes, we can.

p. 62 ex. 5. Доповни речення.
1. It is one of the most famous safari parks in the world.
2. The most dangerous animals live in this safari park.
3. The most important rule for visitors is not to get out.
4. Snakes are more dangerous than lions.
5. A trip to a safari park is more exciting than a visit to a zoo.


p. 62 ex. 1. Подивись на малюнки. Вибери і скажи.
A) This is a fox. It is red and white. It is small and dangerous. It lives in the forest.
B) This is a zebra. It is. black and white. It is big and fast. It lives in savanna.
C) This is a camel. It is brown. It is strong and slow. It lives in the desert.

p. 63 ex. 4. Склади якнайбільше правдивих речень.
Snakes are dangerous. Snakes are not funny. Cheetahs have got strong legs and sharp teeth. Cheetahs don’t eat leaves and fruit. Cheetahs hunt for smaller animals. Cheetahs are dangerous. Monkeys are funny. Monkeys eat leaves and fruit. Monkeys haven’t got long necks. Monkeys are dangerous. Elephants are hot funny. Elephants don’t hunt for smaller animals. Elephants haven’t got long necks. Elephants eat leaves and fruit. Elephants are the biggest animals in savanna. Giraffes have got long necks. Giraffes don’t hunt for smaller animals. Giraffes are funny.


p. 64 ex. 3. Вибери і скажи.
1. Last summer Ann and Dan were in the country.
2. Their grandparents have got a horse, a cow, a goat and a pig.
3. There were some ducks and hens near the farm.

p. 64 ex. 5. Напиши 6 речень про твій візит до родичів у село. Використай вправу 4 за план.
My grandparents live in the village. Last summer I visited them.
I saw many domestic animals there. They have six hens and a cock, ten rabbits and a cow this year. Last summer I saw four hens, two cocks, twelve rabbits, a cow and a goat. I liked to feed rabbits and hens. It was very interesting in the village.


p. 65 ex. 2. Погодься або запереч.
1. I disagree. 2. I disagree. 3. I agree. 4. I agree. 5. I disagree. 6. I agree.

p. 65 ex. 5. а) Напиши про твою/твого друга домашню тварину.
A) I have got a pet. It’s a cat. Its name is Fluffy. It’s red and white. It eats meat, fish, porridge, sausages and grass. Fluffy likes to jump, to run, to climb and to play with a ball.
B) My friend has got a pet. It’s a turtle. It is brown and it has got red ears. It lives in the aquarium. The turtle eats meat. It likes to swim and to lie in the sun.


p. 66 ex. 2. Подивись і скажи, що люди не повинні робити в природі.
People mustn’t pollute seas and oceans. People mustn’t hunt animals. People mustn’t cut down trees.

p. 67 ex. 3. Прочитай і скажи, що ти можеш зробити, щоб захистити природу.
I can use bikes and walk. I can plant trees and flowers. I can grow vegetables, fruit. I can make bird-houses. I cannot drop litter in the streets. I cannot waste paper and pencils.

p. 67 ex. 5. Намалюй постер «Бережи природу». Використай слова та вирази з вправ 2 і 4 та уроку 1.
The Earth is our home. Let’s help our planet. You can plant trees and take care of animals and birds. Do not pollute water, drop litter in the streets and hunt animals. Take care of nature.


p. 68 ex. 3. Погодься або запереч.
1. I disagree. 2. I disagree. 3. I agree. 4. I disagree. 5. I agree.

p. 68 ex. 4. а) Розстав слова так, щоб утворилися запитання.
1. Where is Ann? 2. What is she looking for? 3. What does Ann see on a leaf? 4. What is the butterfly like?

p. 68 ex. 4. b) Попрацюйте в парі. По черзі задайте питання та дайте на них відповіді.
1. Ann is in the school yard.
2. Ann is looking for a special treasure.
3. She sees a ladybird on a leaf.
4. The butterfly is pretty.

p. 68 ex. 5. Встав пропущені слова і запиши речення.
1. Look! How bright this butterfly is!
2. This ladybird has got six black spots.
3. Ann drops cans in her sack.
4. There are many red and yellow leaves in autumn.
5. Drops of water on the grass look like treasures.
6. There are some big trees in my school yard.


р. 70 ex. 4. а) Роздивись табличку. Склади якнайбільше речень.
When the weather is fine I like to play in the yard. When the weather is fine we go to the forest. When the weather is bad children don’t like to play hopscotch. When the weather is bad my sister goes to her friend. When the weather is hot children go to the lake. When the weather is hot people don’t like to play outside. When the weather is cold my friend plays computer games. When the weather is cold children like to play snowballs. When the weather is warm we go to the park. When the weather is warm my sister doesn’t like to watch TV. When the weather is chilly I go to my grandparents. When the weather is chilly people don’t like to go for a walk.

p. 70 ex. 5. Запиши 6 речень за таблицею вправи 4 (див. вправу 4а).


р. 70 eх. 1. Answer the questions.
— Which animal is bigger: a wolf or a bear?
— A bear is bigger than a wolf.
— Which animal is smaller: a cat or a mouse?
— A mouse is smaller than a cat.
— Which animal is faster: a lion or a zebra?
— A zebra is faster than a lion.
— Which animal is stronger: a wolf or a lion?
— A lion is stronger than a wolf.

p. 71 ex. 2. Вибери і скажи.
1. Wild animals live in the forest, the jungle, the savanna and the desert.
2. Strong animals often hunt for smaller ones.
3. Domestic animals live on the farm.

p. 71 ex. 4. Опиши малюнки. Яка це пора року.
I can see two pictures. In picture A I can see two houses, many trees and a field. I think, it is winter, because there is snow and there are white trees and houses.
In picture В I can see mountains and a river. I think, it is summer, because the trees and the grass are green, the river is not covered with ice.

p. 71 ex. 5. Вибери картину природи та опиши її. Напиши 6 речень про неї. Візьми за зразок вправу 4.
I can see a forest in the picture. There are many trees and bushes. I think, it is autumn, because the trees are red, yellow and brown. There are lots of mushrooms in the forest. The ground is covered with leaves. The sky is grey in the picture.

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