Unit 5. Travelling


p. 73 ex. 5. Склади 6 речень за табличкою.
1. I am going to see places of interest.
2. We are going to travel by ship.
3. My parents are going to visit their relatives.
4. My friend is going to travel by train.
5. I am going to travel to the Carpathians.
6. My parents are going to visit places of interest.


p. 74 ex. 2. Подивись на малюнок та дай відповіді на питання.
1. They are at the airport.
2. Yes, they are. There are many people there.
3. He is holding flowers in his hand.

p. 75 ex. 4. Вибери і скажи.
1. Mrs. Tame is traveling by plane.
2. Jane and her father are at the airport.
3. The plane arrives on time.

p. 75 ex. 5. Подивись на малюнок і напиши 6 речень про нього.
Today is the 27th of October. Children are at the airport. There are many people there. Ann and Dan are holding bags. They are waiting for a plane. They feel happy.


p. 76 ex. 2. Напиши правильну інформацію.
1. Granny likes traveling by plane.
2. The trip was fantastic.
3. Traveling by plane is very fast.
4. It takes you only three hours and a half to get from London Gatwick to Boryspil airport.

p. 77 ex. 4. Доповни речення та запиши їх.
1. Mr. Parker goes to the hospital by bus.
2. Mr. Tame goes to the bank by car.
3. Miss Alison goes to school by underground.
4. My mother travels from our town to the Carpathians by train.
5. My father goes to work by bus.

p. 77 ex. 5. Дай відповіді на питання та напиши про себе.
1. No, I don’t.
2. I get to school on foot (by bus).
3. It takes me 15 minutes to get from home to school.
4. Yes, I do.


p. 77 ex. 3. Доповни речення словами з вправи 1.
1. We usually buy food at the supermarket.
2. People take books from the library.
3. You can have lunch or dinner in a café.
4. You can stay in a hotel when you come to another town.
5. People often keep money in a bank.

p. 78 ex. 5. Напиши 6 речень за таблицею.
1. The supermarket is near the souvenir shop.
2. The bank is next to the bookshop.
3. The café is opposite the souvenir shop.
4. The library is between the supermarket and the souvenir shop.
5. The hotel is near the café.
6. The bank is opposite the bookshop.


p. 79 ex. 2. Вибери і скажи.
1. There are many trains at the railway station.
2. We usually have competitions at the stadium.
3. You can see old things and pictures at the museum.

p. 80 ex. 5. Напиши 6 речень відповідей на запитання вправи 4.
1. Where can I stay at? There is a hotel not far from the centre of Kyiv.
2. Where can I buy food? There is a supermarket next to the railway station.
3. Where can I have meal? There is a café between the library and the cinema.
4. Where can I have supper? There is a restaurant opposite the hotel.
5. Where can I buy a book about Kyiv? There is a bookshop near the hotel.
6. Where can I watch a football match? There is a stadium in the park.


p. 82 ex. 4. b) Утвори свій діалог з наступними виразами.
A: Excuse me.
В: Yes, please.
A: I’m looking for the Zoo. How do I get there?
B: Oh, yes. It’s in the Zoo Street. Walk along High Street and turn right. It is opposite the Town Museum. Just cross the street and you are there.

p. 82 ex. 5. Накресли план твоєї дороги до школи. Напиши 6-7 речень про те, як ти йдеш до школи.
A) I leave home at half past seven. I usually go to school on foot. I walk along Kurchatova Street, turn left at the corner of Naukova Street. Then I cross a park and walk along Flower Street. I walk three minutes and here is my school.
B) I leave home at eight o’clock. I usually go to school by bus. It usually takes me 15 minutes. I get on a bus at the corner of Shevchenko Street. I go 10 minutes by bus. I get off the bus in Sportivna Street. Then I walk 5 minutes along the street. It is my school.


p. 83 ex. 5. Доповни речення.
1. London is the capital of Great Britain.
2. There are lots of building, cinemas and museums in London.
3. The most famous sights of London are: Big Ben, Tower Bridge and Trafalgar Square.
5. You can walk in green parks and beautiful squares.
6. You can see monuments and beautiful old buildings on the squares.


р. 85 ex. 5. Напиши 6-7 речень про Київ.
Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine. It is a very old and big city. It stands on the Dnipro River. There are a lot of parks and squares, museums, bridges and monuments.
Are you going to see the most famous sights? Welcome to Kyiv!


p. 86 ex. 2. Доповни діалог словами з таблички.
A: Excuse me. Can you help me?
B: Yes, of course.
A: Is there a souvenir shop near here?
B: Oh, yes. It’s in Green Street. Walk along the street and turn right. The souvenir shop is next to the bookshop.
A: Thank you.
B: You are welcome.

p. 86 ex. 5. Доповни речення. Напиши про твою подорож.
1. Traveling by bus is my favourite.
2. I am going to travel to Zakarpattia next summer.
3. I am going to see the Carpathians.
4. I’m going to visit all places of interest here.

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