Unit 6. Special days


p. 87 ex. 3. Прочитай речення. Погодься або запереч.
1. Yes, it is. 2. No, it isn’t. 3. Yes, it is. 4. Yes, it is. 5. No, it isn’t. 6. No, it isn’t. 7. No, it isn’t. 8. Yes, it is.

p. 88 ex. 4. Поєднай, напиши та скажи.
1. St. Valentine’s Day is on the fourteenth of February.
2. Women’s Day is on the eighth of March.
3. Independence Day is on the twenty fourth of August.
4. Halloween is on the thirty-first of October,


p. 89 ex. 2. Прочитай та доповни.
1. Every country has its own customs and traditions.
2. They play a very important part in people’s life.
3. The members of the family usually meet at the birthdays and tea parties.
4. Children love parties in all countries.
5. They sing, dance, play games and tell funny jokes.

p. 90 ex. 3. Подивись на табличку та розкажи про українські та британські свята.
A) The Ukrainians celebrate New Year on the first of January. They decorate a New Year tree and buy presents for their relatives. Children also wait for Father Frost and Snow Maiden with presents for them.
B) The British celebrate Halloween on the thirty-first of October. People wear funny costumes of witches and ghosts. They make lanterns out of pumpkins.
C) The British celebrate Christmas on the twenty-fifth of December (The Ukrainians do it on the seventh of January). They decorate
their houses with lights and sing Christmas carols. Children take part in fancy dress parties.
D) The Ukrainians celebrate Women’s Day on the eighth of March. Men present women with flowers and sweets. Children invite their mums and grandmothers to visit school parties.
E) The Ukrainians celebrate Independence Day on the twenty- fourth of August. There is a parade on the main square of each city and town. And there is a fireworks display in evening.

p. 90 ex. 5. Подивись у нотатки Енн у її записнику на с. 91. Запиши, що вона збирається робити.
Ann is going to return books to the library on the twenty-second of April.
She is going to bake a special cake for mum’s birthday on the twenty-sixth of April.
The girl is going to visit her granny on the second of May.
She is going to draw a wall newspaper for Victory Day on the sixth of May.
Ann is going to make a greeting card for dad’s birthday on the seventh of May.


p. 93 ex. 4. Обведи правильні дієслова та підкресли неправильні дієслова в тексті вправи 2.
Yesterday the Parkers had a tea party. Steve invited his friends. The guests arrived at 12 o’clock. Steve and Molly met them and invited into the living room. They ate the cake, cheese, fruit, and drank tea. They talked about their school life.
After lunch Molly sang songs and the boys told funny stories. Everyone enjoyed the party very much and left the house at 5 o’clock.

p. 93 ex. 5. Напиши про твою чайну вечірку.
I had a tea party last Friday. I invited my friends. In the morning I cleaned my room, baked a cake, laid the table. The guests came at 17 o’clock. They sang songs, played games, and told jokes. After party we drank tea and ate the cake and sweets.
My guests left at 20 o’clock. They enjoyed the party very much


p. 94 ex. 3. Прочитай та доповни речення. Використай вправу 2 за зразок.
1. I sometimes write stories. — I have just written a story.
2. I always smile to my friends. — I have just smiled to my friends.
3. Steve likes to tell funny jokes. — Steve has just told a funny joke.
4. Molly sings very well. — Molly has just sung a new song.
5. We play a lot of games every day. — We have just played a new game.
6. Mary does exercises every morning. — Mary has just done exercises.

p. 95 ex. 5. Дай відповіді на питання та запиши їх.
1. Have you cooked dinner today?
— Yes, I have cooked soup and salad.
— No, I haven’t. I haven’t cooked dinner yet.
2. Have you bought a book today?
— Yes, I have. I have bought an interesting book.
— No, I haven’t. I haven’t bought a book yet.
3. Have you done the washing up?
— Yes, I have. I have just done the washing up.
— No, I haven’t. I haven’t done the washing up yet.
4. Have you met your classmates today?
— Yes, I have. I have met my classmates in the park.
— No, I haven’t. I haven’t met my classmates yet.
5. Have you written a poem today?
— Yes, I have. I have just written a poem.
— No, I haven’t. I haven’t written a poem yet.


p. 95 ex. 1. Подивись на календар і скажи, які національні та шкільні свята українські люди/діти збираються святкувати у травні.
Ukrainian people are going to celebrate Mother’s Day on the fourth of May.
Ukrainian people are going to celebrate Victory Day on the ninth of May.
Ukrainian children are going to celebrate A Fancy Dress Party on the twentieth of May.

p. 96 ex. 2. b) Скажи, що ти збираєшся робити на костюмованому святі. Використай слова, подані вище.
I am going to talk to my friends at the fancy dress party.
I am going to play games at the fancy dress party.
I am going to dance at the fancy dress party.
I am going to laugh at the fancy dress party.
I am going to meet new friends at the fancy dress party.

p. 97 ex. 5. Напиши про найцікавішого героя у твоїй групі.
A) I met a boy at the party. His name is Pinoccio. He is from Italy. He likes to travel and meet new friends.
B) I met a girl at the party. Her name is Gerda. She is from Denmark. She likes to ride a reindeer.


p. 98 ex. 3. Доповни записи про святкування дня гумору.

Who organizes the party?

School Drama Club

Who can come?


When does the party start?

Friday, April 1st at 2 p. m.

Where is it?

School Assembly Hall

What’s in programme?

Watching the school play and listening to popular songs

р. 99 ex. 5. Напиши оголошення про подію у твоїй школі. Використай вправу 1 на с. 97 за зразок.
Mother’s Day Celebration.
Sunday May 8th at 11 a. m.
School Assembly Hall.
Watch the school concert and take part in the exhibition of pictures «My Mum»!
Sing your favourite songs about mothers!
Everyone welcome!
School Musical Club.


p. 101 ex. 5. Зроби постер. Попрацюй у групі. Напиши про шкільні свята, які ви обговорювали. Намалюй кілька ілюстрацій до нього. Використовуй Present Perfect та вправу 4 за зразок.
We are going to celebrate Teacher’s Day next week. All the pupils will take part in the celebration. We have decorated our assembly hall with balloons and flowers and our pictures. We have invited all our teachers. We have prepared a lot of contests and surprises for our guests. We are going to dance, to sing songs, to recite poems and to give presents.
Dear teachers, welcome to our school holiday!


p. 101 ex. 1. Прочитай і постав речення у Present Perfect tense.
1. The children are going to perform a new play this week. — The children have performed a new play this week.
2. Alex is going to recite a poem at the party this Friday. — Alex has recited a poem at the party this Friday.
3. Kim always wears a beautiful dress at the party. — Kim has worn a beautiful dress at the party.
4. We often have parties at school. — We have often had parties at school this year.
5. It often rains in spring. — It has often rained this spring.
6. Ann is going to buy ribbons. — Ann has bought ribbons.

p. 102 ex. 3. Прочитай та доповни речення. Використовуй Present Simple, Past Simple або Present Perfect.
1. Miss Alison told her pupils interesting stories last week.
2. They have done the shopping this morning.
3. Steve got up at 7.30 yesterday.
4. The children went to London last month.
5. Steve and Molly have already visited Windsor Safari Park.

p. 103 ex. 4. Прочитай та вибери правильне слово.
1. — What holiday do we celebrate in August?
— Independence Day.
2. — Where do you usually meet your friends?
— At school.
3. Whom do you play there with?
— With my teacher.
4. When did you have a picnic?
— Last Sunday.
5. — Whose book have you read recently?
— My sister’s.

p. 103 ex. 5. Прочитай, доповни, напиши. Використай прийменники: on, in, at.
Tomorrow is Easter. We are going to have fun at Easter.
On Easter Sunday we are going to wake up early in the morning. We are going to give Easter eggs to each other. At 8 o’clock in the morning we are going to the church. We are going to have a lovely dinner on Easter Day. We are going to visit our grandparents in the afternoon.

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