Unit 7. Everyday life


p. 104 ex. 2. Прочитай та доповни речення.
1. In the Great Britain the children begin to go to school at the age of 5.
2. From 5 to 7 they go to infant school.
3. There the children draw, sing, play games and listen to the stories.
4. In the infant school, they begin to learn how to read and write.
5. From 7 to 11 the children in Great Britain go to junior school

p. 105 ex. 5. Спиши речення. Напиши великі букви в тих словах, де це потрібно.
1. Kim’s favourite subject is Music.
2. Ann and Dan had lessons yesterday.
3. It’s Thursday, February the twelfth.
4. What was your homework for Tuesday, Tom?


p. 106 ex. 2. Прочитай вправу 1 та вибери правильний пункт.
1. Steve writes about his school life in Ukraine.
2. Steve goes to school five days a week.
3. The lessons start at 8.30.
4. Steve gets on well with his friends.
5. Steve and his classmates often visit museums.

p. 107 ex. 3. b) Розкажи своєму новому англійському другу про твоє шкільне життя.
I’m a pupil of the fourth form. I go to school five days a week. I have got 5 or 6 lessons every day. The lessons start at 8.30. I study Ukrainian, Reading, Maths, English, Nature Study, PE and other subjects. My favourite lessons are Handicraft and English.
I get on well with my friends and teachers.
We sometimes visit museums, exhibitions and theatres and play interesting games together.

p. 107 ex. 4. Прочитай та доповни діалог. Використовуй was або were.
1. A: What time did you come back home yesterday?
B: Ok, it was late. About 5 o’clock.
A: Were you tired?
В: No, I was not tired, but I was very hungry.
2. A.: Did you finish your homework yesterday?
B: No, I didn’t finish Maths because it was difficult. And you?
A: It was not difficult for me because my dad helped me!

p. 107 ex. 5. Напиши листа своєму другу. Нижче вказано те, що він хотів би знати про твою школу.
15 April, 2016.
Dear Mary,
I want to tell you about my school life in Ukraine.
I go to school five days a week and I have two days off. The lessons start at 8 o’clock and finish at 13.30. I have got 5 or 6 lessons every day. I learn Maths, Ukrainian, English, Reading, Art, PE, Nature Study, Music and others. My favourite lesson is Maths. There is a uniform in our school. Boys wear black trousers and olive jackets and girls wear olive dresses.
My classmates are 9 and 10 years old. I get on well with them. We like to play games and make performances together.
We sometimes visit museums and theatres with our class teacher. She is very kind.
Please, write soon.
Best wishes,


p. 108 ex 2. b) Поєднай слова зі списку А зі словами зі списку В. Запиши одержані словосполучення.

List A

List B

to read
to talk
to write
to work
to walk
to behave (oneself)
to play


to read quietly, carefully;
to talk quietly, noisily;
to write correctly;
to work hard;
to walk slowly, quickly;
to behave (oneself) badly, well;
to play noisily, well.

р. 108 ex. 3. Розкажи класу, що ти повинен або не повинен робити у школі. Використовуй вправу 2b.
I mustn’t read quietly. I must work hard at the lessons. I mustn’t talk noisily to my friend at the lessons. I must behave myself well at school.

p. 109 ex. 4. b) Запиши 5 правил поведінки у школі, серед яких одне хибне.
1. You must do your homework.
2. You must behave yourself well.
3. You must raise your hand when you want to answer the question.
4. You mustn’t write correctly in your notebooks.
5. You mustn’t play games at the lessons.

p. 109 ex. 5. Намалюй постер та напиши правила, які б ти хотів, щоб були у школі.
1. Pupils must have PE and Music every day.
2. Teachers mustn’t put bad marks in the recordbooks.
3. Classes must start at 10 o’clock.
4. Pupils must get sweets at the end of the classes every day.
5. There must be 4 lessons every day at school.


p. 110 ex. 2. b) Скажи, що Стів сьогодні виконував ці дії. Використай дієслова у Present Perfect.
Steve has got up at 7.10. He has had breakfast at 7.30.
Then he has gone to school. He has got on a bus at 7.45. He has watched TV after school. And he has done his homework in the evening.

p. 111 ex. 4. а) Доповни діалог. Вживай дієслова у Past Simple tense. Ann: Hi, Jane. Did you have a nice time yesterday?
Jane: Yes, I did. I read a book and then I went to watch a film. Ann: What was on at the cinema «Kyiv»?
Jane: «The Frozen». I liked it. What were you busy with?
Ann: I had a lot of things to do. I cleaned my room, did my homework and visited my granny.

p. 111 ex. 5. Напиши про те, що ти робив/робила вчора.
I was busy yesterday. I got up at 9 o’clock. Then I had breakfast and went shopping with my dad. After that I cleaned my room and helped my mum to make a cake. At 5 o’clock I went to my aunt and gave her a cake. In the evening, I did my homework and I watched TV. I went to bed at 10 p. m.


p. 113 ex. 5. Намалюй постер та напиши, що ти робив минулої неділі.
It was Sunday yesterday. In the morning, I got up at 8 o’clock and had breakfast. Then I washed the dishes. After that I fed my cat and played with it. Then I went shopping with my friend. We bought eggs, butter, flour and some apples and bananas. We came home and baked a cake. Then we drank tea and ate the cake with my parents. It was tasty! In the evening, I watched TV and read an interesting book. I went to bed at 9 o’clock.


p. 114 ex. 2. Напиши достовірну інформацію.
1. It was the final school football match.
2. The stadium was full.
3. People were really excited.
4. Steve scored the goal.
5. Ann’s school team was the best team last season.

p. 114 ex. 4. а) Доповни діалог. Вживай слова: does, is або has.
Jane: Does your brother play football?
Molly: Yes, he does. He is in the school team.
Jane: Really? Has he got a favourite team?
Molly: Of course, he has. His favourite team is Manchester United. Jane: Does he go and watch them play?
Molly: No, he does not. As we are in Kyiv now he only watches them on TV.

p. 115 ex. 5. Запиши слова в правильному порядку.
1. Did you watch the last football match on TV?
2. The people were really excited.
3. They played tennis last Sunday.
4. What sports do you go in for?
5. Which team won the game?
6. Which team was the best last season?


p. 115 ex. 1. Скажи за зразком.
I think motor racing is more dangerous than bike riding.
I think skateboarding is more difficult than swimming.
I think adventure stories are more exciting than animal stories.
I think knitting is more boring than reading.
I think cooking is more interesting than collecting shells.
I think homework is more important than television.

p. 115 ex. 2. Доповни речення. Вживай Present Simple або Present Continuous.
It is Sunday today. All the members of my family are at home. My mother is in the kitchen. She is making a cake. She is listening to the radio. I am in the living room. I am watching television. I don’t know the name of the television programme. It finishes at two o’clock. My father doesn’t like television. He usually reads a lot of books. I don’t know how many books he has got in his bedroom.

p. 116 ex. 3. Попрацюй у парі. Заповни табличку і поєднай малюнки з дієсловами.



















































p. 117 ex. 4. а) Назви подані дієслова у Past Simple.
Do — did, be — was/were, go — went, become — became, win — won, tell — told, give — gave, come — came, meet — met, have — had, say — said.

p. 117 ex. 4. b) Доповни текст дієсловами, що подані вище. Вживай Past Simple.
I went shopping yesterday. I met my friend there. He told me about the last football match. Many people came to the school stadium. Our class team won the game. The PE teacher gave them the prize. He said he was proud that we became the champions. Then the team had a party. Everybody went home happy.

p. 117 ex. 5. Завтра буде субота. Напиши про 6 речей, які ти збираєшся зробити в суботу. Почни за зразком.
It is Saturday tomorrow. I am going to get up at 10 o’clock. I am going to have breakfast and to feed my hamster. Then I am going to clean my room and to do my homework. After this I am going to go for a walk with my friend. At 5 o’clock I am going to watch a film. Then I am going to take a bath and go to bed.

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