Unit 1. All About Us

Lesson 1

1. Read and choose the correct item. Use Ex. 1c, p. 10 (SB).
1) b; 2) c; 3) b, a; 4) c; 5) a.

2. Look at the pictures (1–5) and write as in the example.
1. A rope is shorter than a snake.
2. Father is older than his son.
3. The boy is taller than his brother.
4. A puppy is thinner than an elephant.
5. A girl is younger than her sister.

3. Write your answers to the questions.
1. There are ... (three / four / five) people in my family.
2. Yes, I have. / No, I haven’t.
3. My brother / sister is elder / younger than me.
4. Yes, they do. They have a lot of nieces and nephews.
5. Yes, I do. I have a lot of cousins.
6. My family lives in a big flat.
7. I visit my grandparents every weekend.

Lesson 2

1. Unscramble the tiles to write sentences about Mr an Mrs Parker.
Mrs Parker is always elegant and smart. Mr Parker is handsome and good-looking.

2. Write sentences about your father and your mother. Use the words from Ex. 2 on page 12 in your textbook.
My father is a handsome man. He has got fair hair and blue eyes. My mother is a good-looking and elegant woman. She is younger than my father. She is very pretty.

Lesson 3

1. Write the words.
Grandpa; mum; father; son; grandma; niece; nephew; granny.

2. Complete the table.

a an
cat egg
cup apple
doctor elephant

3. Fill in the gaps using the words given below.
1) handsome, brown; 2) good-looking; 3) wife; 4) sick; 5) elegant; 6) pretty.

4. Write sentences about you and other people in your family. Use the words in the box and the example given below.
My mother is four years younger than my father. My brother is taller than me. My mum is thinner than my father. I'm shorter than my father. My grandpa is thirty years older than my father.

5. You have just met a new friend. Write questions to ask him about his family.
1. Is your family large or small?
2. What are your father’s and mother’s names?
3. How old are your parents?
4. What do your parents look like?
5. What do your parents do?
6. Do you have any brothers or sisters?
7. Where do your grandparents live?
8. Do you have any aunts or uncles?

Lesson 4

1. Find and circle.
Street; lane; avenue; city; town; village.

2. Write negative sentences.
1. Jane isn’t going to her aunt’s place on holidays.
2. Polly’s granny doesn’t live in Colchester.
3. Her granny doesn’t live near the park.
4. Polly's granny doesn’t live in Green Street.
5. Polly and Jane aren’t sisters.

3. You are talking with Steve, your new friend. Complete the dialogue.
You: Hi, Steve! Where are you going?
Steve: Hello,... (your name). I’m going to my aunt.
You: Where does she live?
Steve: She lives on the outskirts of our town. I usually get there by bike.
You: What’s her address?
Steve: Number 35, Green Street.
You: Does she live in a house or in a flat?
Steve: She lives in a big house. It’s near the park.
You: That’s good. We can go there together.
Steve: OK.

4. Draw a picture and write about the place where you live.
I live in a town. It is not very big. My town is clean and beautiful. There is a lake in it. I live not far from the centre of the town. There is a school, a supermarket and a park near my house.

Lesson 5

1. Read the text of Ex. 2, p. 17 (SB) and complete the sentences.
1) located; 2) narrow; 3) the castle; 4) deep, shallow; 5) cars and buses.

2. Read and choose the correct item to complete the sentences.
Long; the longest; longest; islands; capital; narrow; the oldest.

2. Read and tick T (True) or F (False).
1) F; 2) T; 3) T; 4) F; 5) F.

3. Put the verbs in brackets into the Past Simple Tense.
1) was, was;
2) were, —, was;
3) were, were;
4) was, were.

Lesson 6

1. Complete the sentences. Use the verb to be in the Present and Past Simple.
1) were; 2) was; 3) is; 4) are; 5) is.

2. Read a letter from Matthew. Then write about your city.
Hi, Matthew!

Thanks for your letter. I live in Ternopil. It is a city in Western Ukraine. More than 200,000 people live in Ternopil. It is a nice city. There are many shops, parks, cafés in it. There are also many historic buildings in it. Today the buildings in Ternopil are bigger than many years ago. I love my city.

Lesson 7

1. Do the crossword.
1) traffic;
2) shop;
3) photo;
4) restaurant;
5) office;
6) traffic lights.

2. Choose and circle the correct item to complete the sentences.
1) Were; 2) aren’t; 3) were; 4) Are; 5) Is; 6) weren’t.

3. Look and write about the photos. Use the words in the box given below.
Many years ago Khreshchatyk Street in Kyiv w'as narrow. Now it is wide. Many years ago there were horse-driven carts in Khreshchatyk. Many years ago there weren’t any traffic lights there. And there wasn’t much traffic in those days. Now there are cars and buses there. There are lots of shops, restaurants and offices in Khreshchatyk Street.

Lesson 8

1. Look at the photos and write as in the example.
E is older than D. F is the oldest of the three. I is younger than G. H is the youngest of the three. K is stronger than L. J is the strongest of the three.

2. Read and complete.
Dear Stephan,
Thank you for your letter. It was very interesting to read about your town. I would like to tell you about the place where I live.
I am from the USA. I live on Block Island. It is located in the Atlantic Ocean.
There is an old lighthouse. It was built in 1875. It has a museum inside. I’m sending you a photo of it.
Best wishes,

Lesson 9

1. Choose and circle the correct item to complete the sentences.
1) faster; 2) shorter; 3) the coldest; 4) the highest; 5) nearer; 6) safe.

2. Look and write.
There are two photos of Athens. Many years ago there were a lot of trees and large buildings in Athens. There was a big square in the centre of the city. A lot of people visited the square. There are only ruins there now.

3. Jane is your friend. Draw a picture and write a letter to her about your day * on the beach yesterday.
5 October, 2018 Dear Jane,
It was very interesting to read about your holidays. I would like to tell you about my day at the beach yesterday. I was with my cousins. We swam and played volleyball there. It was much fun!

Best wishes,

... (your name)

Зворотній зв’язок