Unit 1. Lesson 1. Vital Statistics


2. Read Peter’s blog and find out if the statements on page 7 are true or false.
1) F: Peter uses unreal name (Archibald) in his blog.
2) T: Peter plays water polo every day except at the weekend.
3) T: Peter hasn’t got any brothers or sisters.
4) T: Peter’s mum works as a teacher.
5) T: Peter’s dad thinks he has a sense of humor.
6) F: James is Peter’s pet parrot.

4. Complete the sentences about yourself.
I am interested in sport. In my free time I like speaking with my friends. My favourite school subject is Biology. My favourite singer is Vackarchuk. My favourite book is Moby Dick: The Whale by H. Melville. I usually wear T-shirt and jeans. My surname is Galayda. My form teacher is Prokopenko Ludmyla Olegivna.

6. Brian James was interviewed for a teenage magazine. Read the teenager’s talk about himself and find out the information to answer the questions on page 9.
1. Brian James loves to cook and make some fab Italian dishes.
2. He loves cooking for girls, because it’s much more fun.
3. He loves animals and has got pets.
4. His birth sign is a Gemini, because his birthday is in the end of May.
5. He listens to rap music.
6. He is happy to live in sunny California.
7. In his spare time he works out, rides horses, surfs and snow-skis.
8. No, he isn’t. He’s got an older sister and a younger brother.

8. Read and match the words with the same meaning.
1-B: cute — small and nice;
2-C: cool — very good, okay, nice, no problem;
3-A: fab — excellent;
4-D: fight — argument;
5-E: folks — parents;
6-G: gear — clothes;
7-I: guy — person;
8-F: mate — friend;
9-H: hang on — spend time with friends.

9a. Match different meanings of the verb ‘work out’ with the appropriate sentences.
A-4: I’ve worked out (find a solution) how we can get there.
B-l: Can you work out (calculate) how much it will all cost?
C-2: I can’t work her out (understand).
D-3: The plan is worked out (develop in a particular way) quite well.
E-5: I’m going to work out (do physical exercises) in the gym this evening.

9b. Make up your own sentences with at least three different meanings of the verb.
1. I’ve spent some time to work out (understand) new words in the text.
2. Every morning my friend works out (do physical exercises) on his running track at home.
3. Our team worked out (develop in a particular way) the old scenario of a spring festival.
4. I’m going to work out (calculate) the budget for my potential week travel to Italia.
5. I have no idea how to work out (find a solution) the problem.

10. Match the adjectives from the box with their descriptions below.
1. Positive. He thinks he will be successful and the situation will have a good result.
2. Gorgeous. He is very good-looking.
3. Outgoing. He is friendly and open.
4. Caring. He helps people when they are in trouble.
5. Determined. He knows what he wants and tries hard to get it.
6. Honest. He doesn’t lie to people.

11. Do the questionnaire. Each time choose only one statement.
The answers can be different depend on your choice.
1. A. I get on well with my family.
2. C. I don’t think I would do anything to help my friends.
3. B. Life would be easier without school.
4. A. I sometimes wear trendy clothes.
5. B. I don’t mind sports.
6. C. Fast food is rubbish.
7. A. Comedies are my favourite type of films.
8. B. I read books in my free time.
9. A. Good looks are not important at all.


1. Make up some sentences about someone you know.
Taras loves painting. Lesya enjoys taking photos. My sister likes skating. My brother enjoys travelling. My cousin doesn’t mind cleaning teeth twice a day. My father doesn’t like playing cards. My mother dislikes watching football. My friend hates getting up early. My neighbor can’t stand listening to music. My aunt loves singing.

2. Find some examples of the gerund in the text on page 9 (Task 7) and copy them in your notebook.
He loves cooking for girls. Cooking fir two is much more fun than cooking for yourself. He loves living in sunny California. Where else can you go skiing in March...

3. Write about the people you know.
The teacher likes meeting a lot of people. Alex is good at telling jokes. My grandmother gets tired of doing things very quickly. Helen is good at helping other people. The Businessman hates wasting time.

4. Make true sentences about yourself. You can use some of the expressions below.
1. I love dancing.
2. I don’t mind getting up early.
3. I can’t stand eating fast food.
4. I enjoy surfing the Internet.
5. I’m tired of lying on a sunny beach.
6. I’m good at reading novels.
7. I’m bad at doing housework.
8. I’m interested in travelling to new places.

6. Complete the sentences with the gerund forms of the verbs from the box.
1. Stop lying and tell me the truth.
2. Start paying attention!
3. Finish writing this birthday card.
4. We have to continue studying if we want to pass the test.
5. It’s never too late to begin going to the gym.


6. Match the ‘official’ terms with the questions.
1-F: What’s your last name? — Surname.
2-A: How old are you? — Age.
3-H: Where are you from? — Nationality.
4-C: When were you born? — Date of Birth.
5-E: Are you married? — Marital Status.
6-G: Have you got any children? — No. of dependants.
7-B: Where do you live? — Address.
8-D: What do you do? — Occupation.


1 Match the words (1-8) with their definitions (and pictures) below.
1. Football fan — someone who can’t live without football.
2. Health freak — someone who would do anything to be fit and healthy.
3. Computer wizard — someone who knows everything about computers.
4. Couch potato — someone who spends a lot of time sitting and watching TV.
5. Vegetarian — someone who doesn’t eat meat.
6. Gossip — someone who likes to talk about other people’s private lives.
7. Chatterbox — someone who talks all the time.
8. Close friend — someone you trust.


1 Read the sample of autobiography and consider the questions on page 25.
1. The famous quote «Never give up» can describe my life.
2. The adjectives quiet, kind and friendly describe me as a person.
3. My parents and friends influenced my personal development.
4. My best childhood memory is our family travelling. My worst childhood memory is my illness experience.
5. My family is Ukrainian.
6. Mostly I get on my parents and other relatives.
7. My goal for the future is to find the best occupation for my talents.
8. I would like to visit the only Ukrainian desert because I’ve never been in such places.
9. I would like to develop my computer and language skills becaftse such skills are highly demanded in modern society.
10. The most memorable day in my life is my birthday.
11. The most important lesson in my life was to face my own fears.
12. In my opinion, the most important values in life are health, ability to be happy and share the happiness with others.

2. Present yourself in a written way (150-200 words). Use some of the questions on page 25 and the phrases below.


1. I was born in Kyiv.
2. I was a quiet, knowledge-loving and shy child.
3. My childhood dream was to possess a magic wand.
4. My earliest memory is the breakfast competition with my older brother when I was at about four years.
5. I am grateful to my parents because they take care of me and help me to become better, cleverer, more experienced and happier.
6. My role model was my mother.
7. My lifetime dream is travelling around the world.
8. The most memorable day of my life was the birthday of my cousin.
9. One phrase that I will never forget is «dare to know».
10. If only one of my dreams could come true, I would wish for peace in the world.
11. My main belief in life is everybody is architect of his own fortunes.
12. I’m driven by my desire to achieve my ambitious targets in my life.
13. The main lesson that my parents taught me was together we all are great force.
14. The childhood hobby that most shaped my personality is playing volleyball as a team work.
15. One event that influenced who I am today is the last year regional math Olympiad.
16. My motto in life is never give up.
17. My favourite movie is Ameli directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet.
18. When I was growing up, I always dreamed of becoming an enchantress.
19. One thing I wish I knew five years ago is that real knowledge is more important than any estimation.
20. My favourite childhood picture is my New Year photograph at age 7.

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