Unit 1. LOOK BACK!

1. Complete the sentences with the words from the box.
1. My best friend is quite fashion conscious and she always keeps up with the latest trends.
2. I am fascinated by black Americans and their culture.
3. I love new gadgets, but I wouldn’t call myself a computer geek.
4. I don’t like rap music, but I get on well with some hip hoppers in my school.
5. Computer geek usually doesn’t care about fashion.
6. I always see your friend in the library. I’m sure he enjoys reading and learning a lot.

2a) Read about Amy. Use the words and expressions from the box to complete her composition on page 44.
... I’m not a fashion-conscious, because I don’t think much about clothes... Whenever I feel down, I play the piano. That’s why libraries are my favourite hang-outs. Other than that, school is not a problem for me, although I’m not ambitious and competitive like high-flyers.

3. Complete the sentences using the words from the box.
(1) Youth culture is a smaller culture that exists within a larger one. For example, youth subcultures, centering around such (2) musical preferences as rap, heavy metal, or hip-hop may spot somewhat particular (3) styles of dress, language and behaviour, while accepting other aspects of dominant culture. There are many trends in (4) youth fashion and styles, too. For example, Graffiti, which became a way of (5) life for some young people. Graffiti style was (6) influenced by the hip-hop culture that has started in New York in the 60s. Hip-hop with its rapping, breakdancing and graffiti became a way to (7) express anger and humor... Tattoos can be found on everyone from Robbie Williams to Angelina Jolie, and even Princess Anne of England’s daughter has her (8) tongue pierced. These days most people use body art simply as (9) decoration. It has become a fashion statement, in the same way that an item of clothing or (10) hairstyle can be.

4. Open the brackets using gerunds instead of infinitives.
1. I began reading a novel yesterday.
2. We had started writing the exercise before the teacher came in.
3. It has stopped raining. I hate going out in the rain.
4. My uncle has given up smoking and now prefers eating sweats.
5. I like coming to school by bus but I hate standing in the rain and waiting for it.
6. I love eating oranges, but I dislike peeling them.
7. We enjoyed seeing you and hearing all your news.

5. Transform the sentences using gerunds instead of infinitives.
1. She has just finished reading an article about the natural resources in Ukraine.
2. My father intends spending his holidays in the Carpathians.
3. My sister began working in this beautiful Ukrainian city 5 years ago.
4. I have just begun translating the text into Ukrainian.
5. We preferred going to Kyiv by plane.

6. Read and choose the statements below according to the street styles shown on the right. Write in the appropriate number.
1. Hippies. They wear their hair long. They usually wear untidy clothes. They prefer to be free and not to work. They wear sandals or walk barefoot. They carry flowers. They love wearing boots on wooden sole.
2. Punks. They love extravagant dresses and hairstyles. They wear lots of rings, bracelets and bells. They like to wear their hair long with lots of colour threads in it. They pierce their noses and ears with pins. They have brightly died (painted) hair. They show off their independence in wearing silver earring and sometimes noserings.
3. New Age Travellers. They love wearing long robes or dresses and wide trousers. They wear old black denim jeans. They are antifashion: they preferred wearing old clothes or making their clothes.

9a) Try to read a message from Kate’s phone (on the right). What is it about?
Hi, Ann! How is your trip? My friends and me are very miss by her. Today all send true love to you. What are your plans for the rest of the holidays? Write me, please. See you soon. Your Kate.

11. Read and match the names with the photographs.
4. Phil: I’m a punk. And all punks have crazy hair, you know. I often change the colour. Sometimes it’s pink or green.
2. Leo: The hairdresser shaves it once a week. That’s expensive, but I don’t have to buy shampoo, conditioner or gel.
1. John: I don’t look like a girl. Lots of men have ponytails — look at Bono in U2.
5. Sam: I never go to the hairSresser. I do it myself — I just cut the ends and the fringe in front of a mirror.
3. Robin: It takes hours to do. I like it because it is traditional. African women wear their hair like this.

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