1a) Read the statements and say if they are true or false.
1. T: There was development of music and fashion industries with the orientation to the youth market.
2. F: It’s quite clear that youth cultures can bring change to a society and help young people in their search of identity.
3. T: Rap fashion is a big business today.
4. F: Hippies were against the Vietnam War and showed their feelings in their rock songs.
5. T: Rappers are looking and sounding unusual. Are they good or bad? — No one can say.

2 a) Read the article again, copy the chart below and complete it.
b) Look through your chart and match the youth groups with the photos 1-4.

Youth group When Clothes Music
Mods (2) 1950s and 1960s dress in Italian style and leather clothes  
Hippies (1) 1960s and 1970s second-hand clothes rock songs
Punks (3) the mid 1970s clothes that could shock people punk-rock, violent lyrics
Rappers (4) over 30 years ago huge gold necklaces rap songs

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