Unit 2. Lesson 2. Career Choices


2. Complete the sentences based on the article.
a) It’s never too early to begin thinking about my future career,
b) Changes in the world will affect the jobs available,
c) We often speak of full-time jobs or part-time jobs, regular jobs or odd jobs,
d) People may lose their jobs and become unemployed and have to look for new jobs,
e) Some jobs require special training and meeting people, others require a good imagination or travelling a lot, physical strength or working late hours,
f) In their career choices some people are influenced by certain people or certain events, and a lot of people are encourages by their teachers, parents and friends, some follow in someone’s footsteps,
g) Your aptitudes are your natural abilities or talents,
h) Skills are the learnt capacities for doing something,
i) Specialized training opens up even more job opportunities.

3. Answer the questions.
1. One of the most important decisions in life of any personality is to choose the right career or occupation.
2. Choosing a career isn’t easy, because you should keep in mind your interests, your aptitudes, your skills, computer literacy, education and list of highly demanded jobs in the future.
3. The phrase ‘to take a good look at yourself means to realize all your own strong and weak sides (aptitudes and skills) as they are to know which occupations will fit you better.
4. Four questions can help me to focus on aptitudes: 1) In what school subjects I get the highest marks? 2) What talents and natural abilities do I seem to have? 3) What do I think I could learn to do well? 4) What do other people think I could do?
5. Career officers, teachers and parents can help young people to have good training.
6. The examples of skills that can be useful are communication and computer skills.
7. Education is important because it gives more chances in future career prospects.
8. Specialized training is available in vocational high school, in a college, in vocational-technical school, through on-the-job training.

4. Fill in with the words ‘job’, ‘profession’, ‘occupation’ or ‘career’.
a. — How long has Linda been unemployed? — She’s been looking for a job for two months;
b. Please, write your occupation on this form and hand it in;
c. His career as a boxer came to an end after that fight;
d. My mother is a doctor. I like this profession and I may follow her in her footsteps.

5a. Read the text below and guess the missing word and the job which is described.
It’s a postman.
...I take posts to 250 addresses... I really like it when I give somebody a letter and it makes them happy.

6. Find the names of jobs in the snake below and match right descriptions to them.
A bodyguard travels with someone important and protects them from attack.
A plumber repairs toilets, baths and sinks.
A hairdresser cuts and does ladies’ hair.
A pilot operates and controls a plane.
A spy tries to get secret information about another country.
A nurse helps a doctor to look after sick people.
A car mechanic repairs cars.
A housekeeper shops, cooks and cleans the house for someone.
An architect designs houses and buildings.
A programmer writes programmes for computers.


5a. Write about Bruno. Put the verbs into the correct form.
Last summer Bruno had a job. He didn’t like it at first. He had to get up early. After two weeks he started enjoying it. He met a lot of people, earned some money and had a good time. The job was his mum’s idea. She thought Bruno needed some action.
This summer Bruno is going to work in a pizzeria. He is going to deliver pizzas. He is going to earn some money. Then he is going to visit his friend Anita in Sweden. He is going to take a bus. He is going to stay in Stockholm most of the time.


1a. Look at the sentences (a-d) and complete the rules in the box.
1. b: we use the relative pronoun who for people.
2 a: we use the relative pronoun which for animal and things.
3. b: we use the relative pronoun that for people and things.

2. Complete the following sentences with ‘who’ or ‘which’.
1. Peter Parker is a photographer who changes into Spider-Man to fight criminals.
2. Batman has a special car which can travel very fast.
3. Superman is the best known hero of American comic books who fights for truth and justice.
4. The only thing that can harm Superman is a green rock which comes from the planet Krypton.
5. He is a well-known character in American comics who wears a bat costume.
6. Not only can he climb buildings and high walls but he can also catch criminals in a web which throws over them.

4. Look at the following sentences and complete the rules below, choosing the correct item.
1. We use where for a place.
2 We use when for a time.
3. We use whose for possessions.
Match the sentences (a-c) with the rules (1-3).
1-b. 2-c. 3-a.

5. Choose the correct pronoun to complete the sentences.
a. The jeans which my mother bought are too small.
b. I’d like to meet the girl who wrote the poem.
c. That was the time when I had straight As at school,
d. Is that the boy whose dog I found?
e. That’s the shop where I bought my bike.
f. Is that the kind of food that you like?

6. Fill in the gaps with ‘who’, ‘which’, ‘whose’, ‘where’, ‘when’.
1. What do you call the profession which is the most popular nowadays?
2. It’s a new kind of which runs on electricity.
3. That’s the shop where sell skateboards.
4. That’s the boy whose dog attacked me.
5. I remember the day when there was a festival in our town.
6. A job is the work which a person does regularly in order to earn money.
7. The people who live above our flat are very noisy.
8. The school subject which everybody likes is PE.
9. I hate people who complain all the time.
10. A profession is a job which requires special training, often a university education.

7. Finish the sentences in any way you like.
1. A good friend is someone who is trustworthy.
2. A secret is something which is known to only one person.
3. Home is the place where you live.
4. Christmas is the time when people make presents for relatives and friends.
5. A career is a professional growth which is based on school education.


1a. Think about some qualities of a good babysitter / shop assistant / DJ, etc. and make up a job questionnaire.
A babysitter: 1) how do you get on with children? 2) have you ever changed nappy? 3) what would you do to quiet a crying baby?
A shop assistant: 1) how easy would it be for you to speak with person you look at first? 2) can you keep up a conversation with person you look at first in the way he or she will become interested? 3) can you listen carefully?
A DJ: 1) do you like listening to music? 2) can you inspire different people to dance? 3) have you got some your own ideas to attract people’s attention?

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