1. Listen and read the text. Put the number of each paragraph next to the appropriate headline below.
1. An "Einstein".
2. Einstein as a Person.
3. His Childhood.
4. A Young Scientist.
5. Life in Germany.
6. The Atomic Bomb.
7. The End of His Life.

4. Look at the text and find the words for:
Kind, not violent — gentle;
An extremely clever person — genius;
Free time — spare time;
A piece of writing — article;
Make something happen — cause;
Great interest or surprise — sensation;
A person of the Hebrew religion — Jewish;
Be involved in something — take part.

5. Write down the questions to which the following statements are the answers.
1. Where was Albert Einstein born? — In Ulm, Germany.
2. Why was he unusual boy? — Because he was a slow dreamy boy.
3. What did he study? — Physics in Switzerland.
4. What did he publish in 1905? — His article on the theory of relativity.
5. Where did he move to in 1914? — To Germany.
6. Why did he make himself very unpopular? — Because he was against the war.
7. When did he move to Germany? — In 1921.
8. Why did he move to the United States? — Because his life was in danger.
9. What did he feel in relation to the atomic bomb? — He was very worried.
10. Why did he write to American President? — To ask American President not to use the atomic bomb.
11. What did he feel when the bomb actually dropped on Hiroshima? — He was very sad.
12. When did he die? — He was 76.

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