Unit 1. Lesson 1. Vital Statistics

1 Read Peter's blog an Task 2 (Student's Book pp. 6-7) complete the fact file about the boy.

Real name Peter
Sport Water polo
Appearance I’m not very tall or very strong
Hobby I’m interested in photograph
Likes I’d like to have some special powers
Dislikes I hate injustice
Father My dad’s a mechanic and he fixes cars
Mother My mum’s a teacher.
Pets I have a pet parrot.

2 Complete the sentences about Peter.
1 Peter hasn't got any brothers or sisters. He's an only child.
2 Peter plays water polo every day five days at the weekend.
3 When his mum talks about her pupils, Peter sometimes gets upset.
4 Peter's father is a mechanic and he fixes cars.
5 He tells jokes. He's never serious.
6 James is Peter's pet parrot.
7 James sometimes bites Peter's finger.
8 It's an bad that in some parts of the world people are so poor.

3. There are some common mistakes in these sentences. Correct the sentences.
1 My father is bus driver. My father is a bus driver.
2 My mother work in a hotel. My mother works in hotels.
3 I'm interesting in sports. I'm interested in sports.
4 I want learn English. I want to learn English
5 I do my homework always. I always do my homework
6 I never am late. I'm never late
7 I play the football. I play football.

4 Match these spare-time activities with the verbs in the box (e.g. i go hiking).

do go play
aerobics cycling basketball
yoga roller-skating cards
painting swimming chess
dancing fishing water-polo
homework judo football

5 Complete these sentences using the words in Task 4 so that they are true for you.
1 I play basketball, football, chess
2 I go cycling, roller-skating
3 I always do my homework
4 I don't play water-polo, cards
5 I don't go fishing, judo

6 Complete the sentences about the 'sunny side' of
1 I enjoy doing three things: surfing the Internet, travelling and listening to loud music.
2 I rather like swimming in the sea eating fast food, and watching TV
3 I can't imagine my life without listening to music and surfing the Internet
4 I always look forward to: travelling to new places and lying on a sunny beach.
5 And I'm simply crazy about: reading comics watching anime.

7 Complete with the information about yourself.
Name: Taras Surname Tymoshenko
Age: 14 Class: 9A Form teacher: Parkhomenko
School: # 52
Address: Kiev, st. Vasilenko d.22, ap. 7
Telephone: 234-43-56 Mobile phone: 099 000-00-00
E-mail taras@taras.com
Family: Father, mother, sister
Pets: cat
Interests: computer games
Favourite school subject physical culture
Favourite books: A Street Cat Named Bob
Favourite films: Star Wars
Favourite singer / group: Adele
Favourite food: hamburger

8b) Match the words with their explanations.
1 wonderful / fantastic — very good
2 fun — If something is ... it makes you happy
3 favourite — Your favourite thing or person is the one you like most.
4 enjoy doing something — You like doing it a lot and it makes you happy.
5 boring — opposite to "interesting"
6 prefer... to... — like someone or something more than another person or thing
7 be keen on something — like or be interested in something

9a) Complete the questions, using the words from the box.
1 Is learning English good fun ?
2 Do you prefer meat to fish?
3 What's your favourite city?
4 Are you interested in sport?
5 Are you keen on classical music?
6 Do you enjoy walking in the countryside? 
7 Do you think history is interesting ?

10a) Put the above adjectives under the word below that has a similar meaning.

confident sociable resolute trustworthy loving
positive outgoing determined honest caring

10b) Put the same adjectives under the word that has an opposite meaning.

negative insincere weak withdrawn indifferent
positive honest determined outgoing caring

11 Copy the adjectives from the box in the table under any heading you think suitable. Consult the dictionary if necessary.

superficial disruptive ambitious
silly kind serious
dirty nice hard-working
rude provocative reliable
irresponsible egocentric focused

12a) Choose words (from Tasks 10 and 11 to sum up the sort of a person you would like to have as a friend.
Positive, outgoing, honest, caring, determined, nice, kind, helpful, reliable, hard-working.

13 What other words can you think of to describe someone? If you don't know what they are in English, look them up in a dictionary.

Positive characteristics Negative characteristics
friendly angry
respectful unfair
peaceful nervous
patient rough

15 Think of the right adjective.
1 A person who thinks only about himself / herself is selfish.
2 A person who tells other people what to do is bossy.
3 A person who has no friends is lonely.
4 A person who is interesting to be with is friendly.
5 A person who would never let you down is your close friend.

16a) Use the words in the box to fill in the gaps.
People become friends because they have a lot in common or they have the same interests. When you have really close friends you can share secrets with them or can on them. Good friends help each other especially when they have a problem or if they get in trouble. A good friend should never let you down.

b) Finish the sentences using your ideas about friends and friendship.
I have a lot of friends.
My friends are positive, honest and caring.
I like them because they help me and support me.
I don't like kids who gossip and want to be the boss.
I could never be friends with someone who can't keep the secrets.
Real friends always help each other.
Real friends never betray each other.

17 Put the parts of the letter on the right order on page 13.
1 Ben's address — d
2 the date — e
3 the beginning — c
4 home town — a
5 family — b
6 school and interests — f
7 pets and hobbies — j
8 free — h
9 finishing the letter — g
10 adding more — i

19 Match the words with their definitions.
1 Mr —  single or married man
2 Mrs — married woman
3 Miss — single woman
4 Ms — single or married woman
5 surname — family name
6 forename — first name
8 mother tongue — first language
9 daytime tel — phone number during the day
10 mobile no — number of the mobile phone
11 marital status — married or single?
12 date of birth — day, month, and year you were born
13 occupation — job
14 level of English/ French etc — A1, A2, B1, B2
15 signature — your name written by yourself

20 Put questions to the following answers.
What is your mother tongue?
Where do you live?
I live in a small town of Terebovlya.
When were you born?
I was born in 1992.
Are you married?
No, I am not. I am single.
What is your surname?
Have you got any sisters or brothers?
I've got only one brother.
What is your occupation?
I'm a nurse.
What is your hobby?
I enjoy dancing. I sometimes paint.
What do you usually do with your best friend?
My best friend and I go to English Club together.
What is your level of English?
They say it's A2. But I'd like to improve it.

21. Read the text on page 17 and copy the corresponding headings from the box above each paragraph. Then put the numbers of the paragraphs in the right order.
2 About a Childhood
5 Conclusion
4 What Other People Say About Him
1 First Result + This Top Achievement
3 What a Parent Says About Him

22a) Circle people you have heard about from those below and say if you know that they had ADHD. Would you say they were losers? Why not?
Albert Einstein,.John Lennon, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali

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