Unit 1. Lesson 2

1 Sort these words out.

sports cards
board games
the piano

2 Write the -ing forms of the verbs in Task 1.
collecting, playing, doing

3a) Write the -ing forms of the verbs below.
write letters — writing letters
argue with your friend — arguing with your friends
make excuses — making excuses
chat on the phone — chatting on the phone
b) Use word combinations from 'a' in the following sentences.
1 I enjoy chatting on the phone
2 I like arguing with my friends
3 I hate making excuses
4 I often get bored with writing letters

5 Fill in the right preposition,
1 He is good at making things.
2 You are interested in solving problems.
3 She is fond of writing poetry.
4 You are bored with doing the same thing over and over again.
5 I look forward to going to my best friend's party.
6 She is tired of listening to other people's advice.

6 Fill in using the -ing form of the verb in brackets.
When I was little I used to do gymnastics but I gave it up because it was too tiring. When I was eleven I got interested in swimming (swim). I soon started training (train) at the local swimming pool. My results were not brilliant because I wasn't fast enough but I loved being (be) in the water so my coach suggested switching (switch to) synchronised swimming. I soon began winning (win) in competitions and grew very fond of practicing (practice) with other girls. I'm looking forward to taking (take) part in the UK competition next year.

7a) Look at these sentences taken from a horoscope. Fill on the verbs from the box.
1 You like taking risks.
2 You are good at telling jokes.
3 You quickly get tired of doing things and don't have much patience.
4 You enjoy helping other people.
5 You are good at giving orders. You are a born leader.
6 You hate wasting time.

9 Match the words on the left with those ones on the right. Then, use these pairs off words to make sentences about different teenage groups.
1 sports — event
2 a teacher's — pet
3 a debate — team
4 a fashion — victim
5 a shopping — centre
6 a cyber — cafe
7 urban — culture
8 casual — clothes
9 classical — music
10 baggy — trousers

10 Fill in the missing letters, Then tide the sentences that are true for you.
1 A jogging suit is my favourite outfit.
2 It is important for me to have good grades and I often go to competitions, so everyone thinks l am ambitious and competitive.
3 I am not too picky about my clothes. I just wear what's comfortable.
4 I have problems with physics and chemistry, so you can't call me ingenious when it comes to science subjects.
5 I think that drawing graffiti on the city walls is a kind of vandalism.
6 I don't like reading books, so a library is definitely not my favourite hangout.
7 I would like to have an iPhone, but it is a very expensive gadget.
8 Doing sports is not my favourite pastime.

11 Complete the following sentences with the present simple off the verbs from the box, Are these sentences true for anyone you know?
1 My friend is a real fashion victim. She always wears designer labels.
2 My brother spends hours in front of his computer. He is such a computer geek.
3 A girl in my class is such a nerd. She studies for three hours every day and she always does her homework.
4 Our history teacher gives us a lot of project work for homework.
5 My mum listens to classical music.
6 My dad usually plays basketball at weekends.

12 Look at this page from a School Yearbook. It's about a boy called Sid, Use the present simple off the verbs in brackets. Then decide which off the following teenage groups Sid belongs to.
First of all, don't confuse us with heavy metal fans, because boys never (1) wear (wear) long hair, and we (2) listen (listen) to punk rock music, such as the Ramones and the Sex Pistols. I (3) have (have) a confession to make. My real name is Sydney, but Sid (4) sounds (sound) much cooler, you know, like Sid Vicious from the Sex Pistols. A black leather jacket, a pair of combat boots or Converse sneakers, and a metal chain (5) are (be) a "must have" in my wardrobe. My mum always (6) says (say) that my hair (7) looks (look) awful, especially when I (8) use (use) hairsprays in different colours. My friends (9) experiment (experiment) with tattoos and piercing, but my parents (10) don't let (not/let) me even dream about it, at least not until I'm 18. My
English teacher (11) thinks (think)
I'm rebellious, just because I (12) stand up (stand up) for my rights and I always have an opinion. OK, I (13) skip (skip) classes from time to time, but I (14) am (be) hardly ever rude to teachers. I'm simply aware of all kinds of social injustice, which is why History (15) is (be) my favourite subject. I dream of having my own band one day, so rock concerts (16) are (be) among my
favourite hang-outs. And, I hope Nancy will say yes when I ask her out on Friday!

13 Correct the following sentences.
1 Punk rockers look like heavy metal fans. Punk rockers don't look like heavy metal fans.
2 Punk rockers have long hair. Punk rockers never wear long hair.
3 Sid's mum likes his hair. Sid's mum hates his hair.
4 Sid experiments with tattoos and piercing. Sid is not allowed to experiment with tattoos and piercing until he's 18.
5 Sid is rude to his teachers. Sid is hardly ever rude to teachers.
6 Sid has his own band. Sid dreams of having his own band one day.

14 Complete the following text about EMOS, a teenage group using the appropriate verb from the box. What do you find out about their looks and clothes, school habits, hobbies, interests and favourite hang-outs?
EMOS — This word is short for emotional, which is the word that best (1) describes them. Don't confuse them with punk rockers, just because they both (2) wear black clothes. They (3) are rarely so rebellious, but sensitive and shy, which is probably why they (4) choose desks at the back of the classroom. They are interested in subjects like Art, especially painting.They (5) love writing poetry, which can often help them to express their confusion, depression, and the general feeling that the world (6) is against them.
There are rumours that some emos injure themselves on purpose just to feel something at all, but who (7) believes in stupid gossip! They (8) listen to alternative music, and their favourite
hang-out is a place where they can talk in private, and that, of course, is the school bathroom.

15 Use the following profile for Heavy Metal Fans, and write about them. Add any details you want.
Fans of different types of loud heavy metal music usually have long hair because they like to headbang at concerts. They like to wear tight jeans, black clothes and lots of silver jewellery. At school they don't have problems with any subjects, but sometimes skip classes. They are not fans of sports, but they are interested in computers and motorcycles. If you want to meet heavy metal fans, you should go to cafes with heavy metal music, garages or heavy metal music concerts.

18a) Complete the text with tine correct form of the verbs in brackets.
I (have) have had a mobile phone since I was twelve. I (keep) was keeping my first phone for two years, but it (be) was bigger and less useful than my new phone. It (can) could only make calls and send text messages.
It (not have) had no a camera. I (buy) bought a new phone last week, and since then I (take) have taken lots of photos. I (also send) also sent text massages to all my friends and I (receive) received three emails. My phone (become) became an important part of my life.

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