Unit 2. Lesson 1. Magic Box

5. Guess the type of each TV programme (1-8):
1 It gives you the most important political and other news. the news.
2 It shows models on the catwalk. fashion & style.
3 They usually show you things you must buy. TV adverts
4 This show talks about cameras, computers and mobile phones. Science and technology.
5 This one shows nature or animals. Nature and wildlife.
6 Tom & Jerry and the Simpsons are cartoons
7 You watch football, basketball or tennis in a sports programme
8 It tells the story of the lives and relationships of many members of a family a soap opera

6. Complete the text with the verbs from the box. Use the correct tense forms.
Michael Palin is the most famous traveller on British TV. He has made several travel series. The most famous are Around the World in Eighty Days and Pole to Pole. Thanks to his profession he flies in a two-engined plane.
He traveled around the world in eighty days. He visited many countries and met many different people. He stayed in many homes and learned about many different cultures. That experience.in many changed his life, that's for sure.

7. Put the verbs in brackets in the present perfect.
Andrew Marshall has been (be) a TV reporter for 15 years. He is very happy because he has had (have) an interesting life. He has talked (talk) to a
lot of famous people. He believes he has done (do) over 200 interviews. He has traveled (travel) all over the world and has visited (visit) more than 40
countries. The only continent he has never been (be) to is Australia. He says he has never thought (think) about giving up his job, although he has had (have) many dangerous experiences.

8 Write down your ideal TV programme for this weekend.

  Saturday Sunday
Morning Orel i Reshka The world inside out
Afternoon Master Chief Movies
Evening X-factor The world news

9 Fill in the blanks with the words from the box.
Hana and her grandmother are arguing about reality shows. Grandma thinks they're no good. What you hear there is just shallow chit-chat and gossip.
They have no idea what clever people have written about.
Hana thinks grandma is a typical teacher. She always talks about books and people from the past. Grandma thinks that most of these young people have poor education, they have no higher goals in life and are ready to do anything stupid or provocative just to be in front of the cameras.
Hana disagrees. She says they talk about normal stuff, like fashion, food, love... Grandma says true love means romance, growing together, the sharing of life's highs and lows, loyalty and sacrifice... Hana thinks grandma always uses big words like sacrifice and dignity and principles and stuff. That's so yesterday Grandma wants to make an experiment. She wants Hana to watch her favourite film. It's DEAD POETS' Society. Grandma says, "I promise you: the film will open new worlds for you".

10 Complete these sentences with the words from the box in Task 9.
1 Who says these young people have got poor education ?
2 I don't understand any sacrifice which tolerates injustice.
3 Wearing a long white wedding dress is so old-fashioned.
4 Nobody is happy all the time. Everybody has highs and lows in life.
5 For a fulfilled life it is important to have higher education.
6 Doing something for the person you love is no sacrifice.

11 Put the lines of the dialogue in order.
1 What's on?
2 Let me see. A documentary on ghosts.
6 A film — Blade Runner. It has already started.
5 It's on the bed.
7 I don't mind.
3 Who believes in ghosts? Is there anything else on?
4 No idea. Let's look at the TV guide.

12 Complete the text with the words from the box.
I don't watch TV much, which is not the case for the rest of my family. My sister always switches to cartoon Network to watch her favourites. Tom and Jerry, of course. My parents watch the news and they usually get upset about politics. My granny never misses the afternoon soap operas. She is old
but she is very good at remembering all the characters and their love affairs. I find it so boring. I like watching documentaries, especially the ones about animals.
Sometimes I switch to teletext to check the weather report because if it doesn't rain the next day, I know I can play tennis or football with my friends.

13 Fill in the lines with the words from the box.
A: Let's switch to 'The Moment of Truth, just for a minute.
B: No way, that's a show for fools and losers.
A: Says who?
B: You needn't be a genius to see they only bring phonies to the show.
A: But they get so much money for their stories.
B: Have you ever heard of human dignity? That is something you don't sell to amuse other people. But you're too young to understand.

15. Complete in the sentences with 'whose', 'who', 'which', 'where' or 'when'.
Sean Connery, who was born in Scotland now lives in the south of Spain. He was not well-known at the time when he appeared in different TV
programmes."Dr No" made him an international star who he played James Bond seven times. Among other films which became successful due to Sean,
are "Hunt for Red October" and "The Rock". He isn't working as an actor now but he is making a film which must be interesting, I think. I'd like to meet
Sean Connery whose life was very interesting and ask him lots of questions about it.

16 Match the phrases in column A with the ones in column B to make correct sentences.
1 The books — f which I borrowed from you were very interesting.
2 I met a girl — h whose name was Kate.
3 That's the cafe — c where I'm meeting my friend later.
4 Is this the CD — e which your sister gave you?
5 The hotel — b where I stayed was fantastic.
6 Is he the man — d who won the prize?
7 The vet — a who looked after my cat was very good.
8 Sue is the girl — g whose brother is a teacher.

17 Read the statement and write in T ' if it is true or 'F' if it is fake.
T 1 Radio and TV are means of mass media which are widely used in today's world .
F 2 Radio and TV can't influence our opinion and imagination.
F 3 It's easy to turn on TV while you are in a car and watch a film you like.
T 4 Public TV programmes are usually focused on education or culture.
F 5 If you'd like to watch an entertainment programme choose a commercial TV station.
T 6 Commercial TV stations never broadcast documentaries or talk shows on serious issues.
T 7 Satellite technology made television global.
F 8 Modern civilisation is impossible without satellite and Web technologies as well as without radio and TV.

18. Match the verbs with their meanings.
1 to attract — c to make someone interested in something or make them want to take part in something
2 to enrich — f to improve something by adding things to it
3 to focus (on) — d to pay special attention to a particular person or thing instead of others
4 to include — b to make someone or something part of a larger group or set
5 to spread — a to become known about or used by people more and more
6 to televise — e to broadcast something on television.

19. Fill in the gaps with the words from the box.
Television soap operas have got a great popularity in Britain. Some of them are British, like Coronation Street, Eastenders and Brookside. Australian programmes have also become very popular. Neighbours and Home and Away have very big audiences and are especially popular with young people.
The most popular soap opera in Britain is Coronation Street. In fact, it is often the most popular soap opera of all. Millions of
people watch it. Coronation Street is also the oldest programme on British TV. It started in 1960. Only one of the original characters is still in the programme. Ken Barlow was a student in the first episode. He's a teacher now. But the oldest soap opera of all isn't on TV — it's on the radio. It's called The Archers and the first episode was broadcast in 1950. One of the actors has been in it ever since. Norman Painting has played the part of Phil
Archer for over forty years.

22 Match the following media terms with their definitions or descriptions.
1 presenter/announcer — b a person who introduces TV or radio programme
2 major events — f news of topical reporting from around the world
3 cartoon — e animated pictures
4 chat (talk) shows — a programmes in which people discuss different questions and express their points of view
5 quiz shows — d a game or competition which tests the contestants' knowledge by asking questions
6 sitcom — c a situational comedy, a TV or radio series of usual unconnected episodes with the same characters

23 Give your descriptions to the following media terms.
The studio floor is the place for filming
Audiences are the people who watch or listen to a play, film or music
Headphones are a pair of small loudspeakers
A technician is a person who is responsible for the  technical arrangement of the floor studio
An announcer is a person who makes announcements
The camera operators are the people who are responsible for recording images and videos.
The director is the person who directs the making of a film
The floor manager is a person who is responsible for giving information from the director to the crew on the studio floor.

25 Do the crossword.
1 Your general attitude to life and the world. OUTLOOK
2 A person, book or documents that gives you information. SOURCE
3 A television station and all the programmes broadcast by it. CHANNEL
4 Having a special skill or special knowledge of a subject. EXPERT
5 An advertisement on TV or radio. COMMERCIAL
6 Someone who competes in a contest. COMPETITOR
7 A way of broadcasting pictures and sounds in the form of programmes that people can watch. TELEVISION
8 Someone who reads news or information on the television or radio. ANNOUNCER
9 The quality of being liked or supported by a large number of people. POPULARITY
10 What you think or believe about something. IDEA
11 Someone who introduces the guests on a television or radio programme. HAST

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