Unit 1. Test 1. Vital Statistics

1. For questions from 1-8, read the text below and decide which answer (A,B, C or D) best fits each gap. Circle the correct word.

1 Ksenia knows what a good friend is because her friends proved to be reliable and supportive. One of her friends, Artem, is computer wizzard so he helped her out when her computer broke down.
2 Maryna is a health freak so Ksenia eats only good food.
3 Her friend Sasha is a skiing fan so her winter weekends are always busy. They go skiing to Vodianyky, Cherkasy region, every weekend.
4 Ksenia has proven to be a good friend. She never watches TV because she thinks it’s a waste of time. So, she was strong to convince Tim to stop being a couch potato. She works harder than
5 Now he works out a lot and girls think he is athletic.
6 Her friend Luida is a busy bee. She works harder than anyone else I know.
7 Ksenia advised her to join a speaking club and spend time organising discussions on important school events.
8 No time left to gossip about others. Besides, it is not even a good thing to do.

2. For sentences 1-8, read the text below and complete the gaps with the appropriate form of the word given at the end of each sentence.

1 Dear mum and dad. I am so much thankful to you for your love (THANK).
2 When I was a little girl you always read me a bedtime story, sometimes even two stories when I couldn't fall asleep. You found such books where characters never complained and proved they could overcome challenges (CHALLENGE).
3 Later when,I could read, you offered books to challenge me to gain more knowledge and build my character(KNOW).
4 When I started my schooling, you both took turns helping me with my homework (SCHOOL).
5 Daddy, you always told me funny jokes to cheer me up with your special sense of humor when I cried over my mistakes (FUN).
6 Mum, you served us your delicious biscuits that made me forget about my unpleasant homework and kept repeating that life is not just a bed of roses (REPEAT).
7 When l was in primary school, I felt extremely shy. You pushed me to take dancing lessons to become more outgoing and determined (DANCE).
8 As a result, I became positive and cheerful (CHEER). You are my role models. Because of you, I study hard and love learning new things Thank you!

3. Read the magazine article below. Six sentences have been removed from it. Choose from the sentences A-F the one which best fits each gap. There are two extra sentences which you do not need to use.

1-e, 2-b, 3-a, 4-f.

4. Complete the sentences with the phrasal verbs from the box.

1 I couldn’t get on. All the answers to the crossword puzzle.
2 Bill, "What are you doing this afternoon?'
Tom,"Oh, I'll just go out"
3 No matter how busy Anna is, she always has time to hang out with friends.
4 Ben, “How do you get along with John?"
5 Jack, "I work out with John just fine."
6 My parents always rely on me to babysit my younger brother.
7 I don't want you to complain on your school load. It's not the end of the world.
8 If you want your mobile phone to work you need to have it on.

5. You will hear sentences describing person's character. Choose the variants from the list of personal traits the speaker is talking about.

Speaker 1 selfish
Speaker 2 serious
Speaker 3 competitive
Speaker 4 curious
Speaker 5 hard-working
Speaker 6 ambitious
Speaker 7 communicative
Speaker 8 bossy

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