Variant 1

1. Read the text and mark the following statements «True» or «False».

1. The most popular countries for Americans to visit are England and Italy. TRUE
2 Philip’s experience before his current job was travelling to Turkey with a tour group. FALSE
3 The speaker had no travel experience before getting his job. FALSE
4 The speaker thinks the company made getting the job much too easy for him. FALSE
5 You cannot be a successful travel guide if you are timid and shy. TRUE
6 Getting a job with Philip’s firm is a three-step process. FALSE
7 The speaker says the most important quality for a travel guide is to be interested in the people you travel with. TRUE
8 It is difficult to get a job as an American tour guide because many young people want a job that lets them travel. TRUE
9 Philip says that one difficulty of his job is that when working he has too much time off. FALSE
10 A tour guide can be responsible for up to fifty people at a time. TRUE

2. Complete the sentences with the correct words from the box.

In the Chinese zodiac, rats (1) are considered witty, imaginative and curious. Now scientists (2) have discovered another attribute.

They have (3) found that rats can be helpful. The (4) researchers placed a free-roaming rat in an arena with a caged rat. In a few days, the free rat realized it (5) could push the door
open and release the caged rat.

After figuring this out, it did so (6) repeatedly day after day.

They then did (7) what we refer to as a celebration. The trapped rat was (8) running around the arena, and the free rat ran (9) after the trapped rat..

There was also a (10) difference in the behaviour of male rats and female rats.

Зворотній зв’язок