Variant 10

1. Read the text and mark the following statements «True» or «False».

1 The house the little girl lived in seemed small and ordinary. TRUE
2 The house the girl liked was situated next to her house. FALSE
3 The house of the girl’s dream had a golden roof. FALSE
4 The girl had a loving family. TRUE
5 The girl was allowed to go outside the garden fence when she left school. FALSE
6 The girl rode her bike across the valley to meet her friend. FALSE
7 When the girl saw the house, she was disappointed. TRUE
8 Nobody lived in that house! TRUE
9 The girl came inside the house. FALSE
10 The girl was surprised by how her own house looked. TRUE

2. Complete the text with the correct words from the table.

«Mardi Gras» is (1) the French for «Fat Tuesday». Perhaps the city most famous for its Mardi Gras celebrations is Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Carnival is an important celebration in (2) part of Europe including Nice, France arid Venice, Italy. It is only in Ireland and the United Kingdom where the festival is called Shrove Tuesday (3) instead of Mardi Gras and pancakes are the tradition.

In Brazil, the Carnival-celebrations (4) occur in Recife, Salvador and Rio de Janeiro. Thousands of people from (5) across Brazil and around the world come to attend the festivities.

Venice is home to one of the most famous Carnival celebrations in the world, in (6) addition to one of the oldest. The Carnival of Venice was (7) first recorded in 1268. It was not until a modern mask shop was founded in the 1980s that Carnival enjoyed a (8) revival.

In Nice Carnival became famous when Charles II began taking his holidays in Nice. All that was required to take (9) parades was a costume and a mask. The city of Nice still celebrates Mardi Gras with (10) most of flower-covered floats and brilliant night-time light displays.  


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