Variant 15

1. Read the text and mark the following statements «True» or «False».

1 The characters of the story lived in a small town. FALSE
2 The farmer didn’t have money to return his debt. TRUE
3 The moneylender was not a pleasant person. TRUE
4 The moneylender wanted to marry Myra and get his money back. FALSE
5 The farmer tried to convince his daughter to marry the moneylender. FALSE
6 According to the moneylender’s offer, Providence had to help decide the matter. TRUE
7 Myra wished to pick the white pebble. TRUE
8 The moneylender wanted to cheat the farmer and his daughter. TRUE
9 The farmer noticed that the moneylender had put two black pebbles into the bag. FALSE
10 Myra let the pebble fall and did it on purpose. TRUE

2. Complete the text with the correct words from the table.

There was a time, long ago, when all the animals in the forest (1) had long, thick tails. Some of them were (2) wise enough to keep their tails, but some were not. How (3) did this happen?

Once there was a fisherman (4) who earned his living selling fish from a cart. One cold winter day, while the fisherman (5) was crossing the woods, a wily fox (6) smelled the fish and followed the cart at a close distance. The fisherman kept his fish in long baskets, and the sight of the fish made the fox’s mouth water. .

So, the fox leaped on the cart and dropped a basket onto the snow.

The fisherman did not notice (7) anything and continued his journey. The fox opened the basket and got ready to enjoy her meal when a huge bear (8) appeared.

«Where did you get all that tasty fish?» the big bear asked, looking terribly hungry.

«I (9) have been fishing» the fox lied.

«Fishing? How? The lake is frozen over,» the bear said, suspiciously. «How did you manage (10) to fish

«I fished with my tail,» was the fox’s reply.

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