Variant 2

1. Read the text and mark the following statements «True» or «False».

1 The article says it is important for parents to agree that you are old enough to have a pet. TRUE
2 Dogs make good pets when you live in a small flat. FALSE
3 When choosing a pet shop, choose one with a knowledgeable staff who can give you information about the pets. TRUE
4 It is better to buy a fully-grown animal than a young one. FALSE
5. A hamster’s cage must be big enough to allow your hamster to move around. TRUE
6 A hamster sleeps in wood shavings. TRUE
7 The article says that it is very important to make sure your hamster has water. TRUE
8 A hamster will consider chips and crackers a good treat. FALSE
9 You should clean your hamster’s cage every year. FALSE
10 The article recommends that you bring your hamster home for a visit to be sure it will be happy in your flat. FALSE

2. Complete the text with the correct words from the table.

There was once a poor man, who lived in a house next to a wealthy merchant (1) who sold oil and honey. As the merchant was a kind neighbour, he one day sent a (2) bottle of oil to the poor man. The poor man was (3) delighted and put it carefully away on the top shelf.

One evening, (4) as he was looking at it, he said half aloud, «I wonder how (5) many oil there is in that bottle. There is a large quantity. If I should sell it, I could buy five sheep. Every year I should have (6) lambs, and before long I should own a flock. Then. I should sell some of the sheep, and be (7) rich enough to marry a wife. Perhaps we might have a son. And (8) what a fine boy he would be! So tall, strong and (9) obedient! But if he should disobey me,» and he raised the staff which he held in his hand, «I should punish him thus!»

And he swung the staff over his head and brought it heavily to the ground, knocking, as he did so, the bottle (10) off the shelf so that the oil ran over him from head to foot.

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