Variant 20

1. Read the text and mark the following statements «True» or «False».

1 The story took place in summer. FALSE
2 The girl in the story didn’t feel positive about herself. TRUE
3 Nobody loved the girl. FALSE
4 The girl told her boyfriend that Christmas would be the perfect time to get married. TRUE
5 The girl promised to marry the boy as soon as she could see. TRUE
6 The girl didn’t know who donated the pair of eyes to her. TRUE
7 When she saw her boyfriend, she was disappointed as he was not tall enough. FALSE
8 She didn’t want to marry the boy. TRUE
9 The boy was crying when he left her. TRUE
10 From his letter she found out who had given the eyes to her. TRUE

2. Complete the text with the correct word#№om the table.

Brazilian New Year is one of (1) the most traditionally celebrated festivals for the people living there. New Year in Brazil is (2) known as Ano Nove (Portuguese) but is more popularly known as Revillion. It is celebrated (3) on January 1.

New Year is the time (4) when people from various parts of the world like to celebrate it in Brazil. Pubs, party halls, clubs, beaches and even roads (5) are overcrowded. New Year’s celebrations in Brazil reflect (6) its culture and traditions. (7) On the New Year’s Day, it’s a tradition to eat lentils and rice. It is (8) believed to bring in wealth, health and good fortune in the coming year. New Year is celebrated with (9) much devotion and sincerity by the (10) fishermen of the city. They believe the catch at the time reflects the catch for rest of the year.


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