Variant 23

1. Read the text and mark the following statements «True» or «False».

1 The Fourth of July is also called Independence Day. TRUE
2 The American colonies declared their freedom from the United States. FALSE
3 Many Americans watch sports such as basketball on July 4th. FALSE
4 On Independence Day people watch a beautiful show of fireworks. TRUE
5 The story also discussed Halloween, which falls on the last Thursday of October. FALSE
6 It is customary for children to ask people for sweet things at Halloween. TRUE
7 Children like dressing up in costumes at Halloween. TRUE
8 The third holiday mentioned, Thanksgiving, occurs in autumn. TRUE
9 Early Americans celebrated Thanksgiving to express thanks for rainfall. FALSE
10 Thanksgiving is a time to express gratitude for good health and freedom. TRUE

2. Complete the sentence! with the correct words from the box.

There was once a man called Koba, a hunter. One day he left his house and went off to hunt in a place (1) which was far away.

When he was out hunting, he suddenly heard the mighty roar of a lion very close to him. Never had he heard (2) such a roar before. Greatly alarmed, Koba turned and ran as fast as he could (3) towards his camp. He (4) was carrying a bow and some arrows. On the way his bow (5) caught in the low branches of a tree. He pulled but (6) could not release the bow, and he (7) thought it was the lion who had caught it, but he was (8) too frightened to turn his head to look.

«Please, King of Animals,» cried Koba, «let go of my bow. I (9) have not come to hunt you.» He waited (10) for an answer from the lion, but as it was the branches of a tree holding his bow, there was no answer. From that day onwards, for the rest of his life, Koba never hunted again. He became a farmer.

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