Variant 24

1. Read the text and choose, the correct item.

1. Central Park is called «a wonder» because of...
c) the beauty of the area.
2. Most of Central Park is covered by...
a) plants.
B. Central Park is located in...
c) Manhattan.
4. The founders of the park wanted New Yorkers to have..
a) a place to get away from the noise and stress of the city.
5. The land that became Central Park was originally...
b) stony, swampy and wet.
6. Central Park has already existed for...
c) 150 years.  

2. Complete the text with the correct words from the table.

People talk about the (1) importance of consistency in forming good habits. When I make a goal, (2) the first thing do is declare it around my pack — my family, my dogs. We’re (3) more powerful as humans when we are in a pack. To do that involves projecting the right energy: calm and confident.

To get into a calm and confident state, watch dogs. The first thing they do (4) in the morning is stretch. Then they walk, and you see them (5) breathing deeply, picking up on a scent. A good walk makes dogs (6) happy. Rolling in the grass makes them (7) feel happy, too. We’re also animals. So move (8) carefully into your mission, do it every day, and use the simplest things to keep you well-balanced and sensible. If you (9) won't achieve your goal — and even if you (10) do — just keep going.

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