Variant 25

1. Read the text and choose the correct item.

1. Why is «ladybug» an incorrect name?
c) Ladybugs don’t have beaks or sucking mouthparts.
2. Which of these statements about ladybugs is true?
a) Ladybugs can be of many colours.
3. How does a ladybug protect itself from hungry birds?
a) It looks like it would taste nasty.
4. People like ladybugs because...
a) they have pretty colours.
5. It takes ... for ladybug eggs to hatch.
c) five to seven days
6. What do baby ladybugs eat?
c) Aphids.

2. Complete the text with the correct words from the table.

Edward Bellamy was born (1) in 1850 in Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts, to a long line of New England Baptist ministers. He was (2) educated in the United States and in Germany, and at length (3) studied law. Working (4) as a journalist and editor in New York and (5) Springfield, he began to publish fiction in 1879, and by 1898 he (6) had published five novels and a collection of short stories. (7) Among them was the novel now considered the (8) author's masterpiece, Looking Backward. The visionary novel not only (9) brought literary fame to Bellamy but established (10) him as an important social and economic theorist.

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