Variant 26

1. Read the text and mark the following statements «True» or «False».

1 A man found a butterfly. FALSE
2 The man kept an eye on the cocoon. TRUE
3 The butterfly had difficulties in coming out of the cocoon. TRUE
4 The man used the scissors to destroy the cocoon and the butterfly. FALSE
5 The wings of the butterfly were large and fresh. FALSE
6 The man thought that the butterfly’s wings would grow. TRUE
7 The butterfly got the ability to fly very soon. FALSE
8 The man’s kindness made harm to the butterfly. TRUE
9 The man wasn’t able to help the butterfly to get out of the cocoon. FALSE
10 The moral of the story is: haste makes waste. FALSE

2. Complete the sentences with the correct words from the box.

Toronto (1) has a huge sports stadium, a science centre and great museums. But (2) there is one attraction it doesn’t have that (3) some big cities have — a large aquarium.

Now, an aquarium may be (4) built in Toronto. If it is approved by the City Council, it could be ready (5) by July 2015. The aquarium would be in a large building. It could have many (6) thousands of fish and marine animals including sharks. One idea is to have a jellyfish, room (7) with special lighting and mirrors. Another idea is for a tunnel that people could walk (8) through to see the fish swimming around and above them.

An aquarium would make a lot of money for Toronto. It would also (9) attract school groups for field trips to see the life that (10) exists underwater.

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