Variant 27

1. Read the text and mark the following statements «True» or «False».

1 The boy gets up early and walks to school. FALSE
2 The bus takes each child to school personally. TRUE 
3 The pupils’ «Tablet PCs are kept in the Hearing Centre. FALSE
4 Every morning the teachers record attendance in a special book. TRUE
5 Each pupil swipes his card before the lessons. TRUE
6 The learning days always start with the same lesson. FALSE
7 There is usually one student in the Assembly Hall. FALSE
8 In the Assembly Hall the pupils listen to school news. FALSE
9 The children never take snacks from home. FALSE
10 A snack is usually a packet of crisps, fruit or a couple of biscuits. TRUE

2. Complete the text with the correct words from the box.

Chicago, Illinois was (1) founded in 1833, near a canal between the Great Lakes and the Mississippi (2) River.

It boasts the United States’ tallest building and one of the world’s largest office (3) buildings. With the elevated trains, the city looks, feels, and in fact is big.

Chicago is the home of the blues and the truth of jazz, the (4) heart of comedy and the idea of the skyscraper.

As the hub of the Midwest, Chicago is easy to find — its picturesque skyline calls across the (5) waters of Lake Michigan, a first impression that soon reveals world-class museums of art and science, miles of (6) sandy beaches, huge parks and perhaps the finest downtown collection of modern architecture in the world.

Chicago is a stronghold of the Democratic Party and has been home to many influential (7) politicians, including the current President of the United States, Barack Obama.

The city’s popular (8) culture is found in novels, plays, movies and songs. Chicago has numerous (9) nicknames the best-known include: «Chi-town», «Windy City», «Second City», and the «City of Big Shoulders». Chicago has also been called «the most (10) American of big cities».

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