Variant 5

1. Read the text and mark the following statements «True» or «False».

1 From the text we can say when the story takes place. TRUE
2 Callao harbour was deserted. FALSE
3 There was a large pile of fruit baskets and boxes on the deck of the raft. TRUE
4 Herman was sitting on the heap. TRUE
5 There was a red parrot in the cage. FALSE
6 Herman wanted to go ashore, but was afraid the boat would arrive soon. FALSE
7 The motorboat that arrived was full of officers and sailors. TRUE
8 The officers didn’t speak English. TRUE
9 The parrot opened its cage and got out. TRUE
10 The parrot said some words in Spanish. TRUE

2. Complete the text with the correct words from the table.

Dear friends,

Being here is such a rich experience, it’s hard to stop talking about it — and harder still to know where to’ start. When we got (1) off the plane in the capital it was so hot I thought there must be some humidity alert.'However, I was wrong, of course; it was actually unseasonably cool that day, as I now realize.

Those were the days, though, when we couldn’t get (2) enough of this place. The people were the friendliest.people on earth, arid nothing we did seemed to disturb them. After a while that changed, of course, and it began to dawn on us that one or two things about our culture appeared to be different from theirs, and that probably we shouldn’t be quite so sure we weren’t disturbing the locals, since maybe they didn’t express their (3) view the same way we did!

Training is now less pressing than at the beginning, though during those early weeks I remember it was very intense; and we were so incredibly busy all the time that we couldn’t wait for it to get over. On the other (4) hand, we were scared to death that one day it would be over, and we would have to say goodbye and go out and Start to work.

And it did come to an end. The last three months, we have been learning language and training for our future work positions. Now we can start what we set out to do: our jobs. I start working next week and I will tell you more after I have finished some work. I hope to (5) hear from you soon.


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