Test 12

Read the texts and match the headings (A-G) to the paragraphs (1-6) as in the example.
1 A More Comfortable in Water than on Land
2 C Learning How to Swim
3 D Danger of Extinction
4 F A Friendly Giant
5 E Always Hungry and Thirsty
6 G Elephants in Danger

Mark the correct variant (A-D) to fill in the blanks (1-6) as in the example.
1 D must
2 A have to
3 C can’t
4 B mustn’t
5 D needn’t
6 A mustn’t

Mark the correct variant (A-D) to fill in the blanks (7-12) as in the example.
7 B full
8 B same
9 A lost
10 C found
11 A held
12 B agreed

You are going on a camping trip up in the mountains. Write an email to your friend about preparation for the trip (at least 50 words). Use the plan below and your own ideas:
• how you will get there;
• suggest going together;
• ask him / her for advice about things to take.

Hi, Ivan!
I can’t wait till a trip next week. Hope, so do you! My father will drive me there and you can join us if you’d like. I’m not sure what I’m going to take with me. I know that you have great experience in travelling. What would you advise?
Take care,

Привіт, Іване!
Я не можу дочекатися подорожі наступного тижня. Сподіваюся, ти також! Мій тато відвезе мене туди, і, якщо хочеш, ти можеш приєднатися до нас. Я ще не вирішив, що взяти із собою. Я знаю, що у тебе великий досвід у подорожах. Що ти порадив би мені?
Бережи себе,

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