Test 21

Read the text and mark the correct sentence (A-G) to fill in the blanks (1-6) as in the example.
1 E She’s a strong creature, with a calm and gentle nature.
2 C It used to be in a bright shade of yellow, and my mother had decorated it with lovely brass bells and ribbons.
3 A Our ‘kumpania’ consists of my two sons and their families, which include our four little grandchildren.
4 F I wish I’d lived back then.
5 D It is then that we stop at the council-run gypsy sites.
6 B You see, ‘home’ has more than one meaning.

Mark the correct variant (A-D) to fill in the blanks (1-6) as in the example.
‘I often forget names but I never forget a face. We’re all used to (0) B hearing this. But why is it true? Probably, like most people, your brain (1) C has the memory of thousands of faces. This (2) D means that you recognize people you (3) B 've met before. And when you hear the name of a person that you know, an image of their face will appear in your mind. For about 2 % of the population, however, everybody’s faces (4) D appear to be the same, or very similar.

Emily Roberts has had this problem since she was a child but she’s only known the name for it for a few weeks. 'I (5) A was reading about memory on the Internet when I saw an article about ‘face blindness’. I realized at that moment that other people have this problem. Since then I (6) B 've joined a face blindness support group to get help and advice in the future.'

Mark the correct variant (A-D) to fill in the blanks (7-12) as in the example.
7 B leave
8 C much
9 A join
10 A sudden
11 D before
12 C high

You have lost the magazine your friend lent you. Write an email to friend (at least 50 words). Use the plan below and your own ideas:
• apologize;
• explain how it happened;
• offer to replace it.

Hello, Mike!

I am writing to apologize that I have lost the magazine you lent me last week.

Last week on Wednesday I came to Kyiv at 2.00 a.m. The bus arrived late at night and I was tired. When I got home, I remembered that I had left the magazine in the bus.

Don’t worry, I asked the Lost Property Department to check and see whether they have the magazine. If they don’t find it, I’ll buy a new one.

Sorry again, Taras

Привіт, Майку!
Я пишу попросити вибачення за те, що загубив журнал, який ти мені позичив.
Минулого тижня, у середу, я приїхав до Києва о другій годині ночі. Автобус прибув пізно вночі, і я був стомлений. Коли прийшов додому, я згадав, що залишив журнал в автобусі.
Не хвилюйся, я попросив відділ втрачених речей перевірити і з’ясувати, чи є в них журнал. Якщо вони його не знайдуть, я куплю новий.
Пробач ще раз, Тарас