Test 25

Read the text and mark the correct sentence (A-G) to fill in the blanks (1-6) as in the example.
1 A Holiday postcards from friends, birthday cards from favourite aunts and letters from penfriends can all provide you with stamps from all over the world.
2 G Or we can send you the same stamps in a colourful information pack with lots of interesting facts.
3 D We’re sure you’ll agree that this is great value for money.
4 B This contains 100 stamps to begin your collection, together with an attractive box to keep them in.
5 E Every two months you’ll get a copy of the club magazine.
6 C To join the Club simply complete the application form and send your membership fee.

Mark the correct variant (A-D) to fill in the blanks (1-6) as in the example.
1 D through
2 A past
3 B inside
4 C up
5 D off
6 A around

Mark the correct variant (A-D) to fill in the blanks (7-12) as in the example.
7 D think
8 В If
9 C sources
10 D as
11 A opinion
12 B holds

Write an advertisement of your favourite TV programme (at least 50 words). Use the plan below and your own ideas:
•    its name and the channel where you can watch it;
•    its short description;
•    why it is worth watching.

I am fond of TV programme The Numbers Game that is shown on National Geographic channel. It reveals different life mysteries. I like this programme because it helps to expand my horizon, improve my knowledge and gain new experience. I also enjoy watching The Numbers Game because it is entertaining and interesting at the same time. I have never felt restless or bored watching it.
Я обожнюю телепередачу «Гра в числа», яка транслюється на каналі «National Geographic». Вона викриває різні життєві таємниці. Мені подобається ця телепередача, адже вона допомагає розширити мій світогляд, удосконалити знання та отримати новий досвід. Я також люблю переглядати «Гру в числа», бо вона розважальна та цікава водночас. Я ніколи не втомлююсь чи не нудьгую під час перегляду.

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