Test 4

Read the text and mark if the statements are T (True) or F (False) as in the example.
1 T You should prepare for the party in advance.
2 F You should serve foods with a mixture of themes.
3 T You should clean up the mess after the party.
4 T You need to let your guests know when the party will finish.
5 F You should not play music until all your guests have arrived.
6 F You should switch on a TV set during the party.

Mark the correct variant (A-D) to fill in the blanks (1-6) as in the example.
1 В the
2 А а
3 В а
4 D the
5 В а
6 С а

Mark the correct variant (A-D) to fill in the blanks (7-12) as in the example.
7 B called
8 В а
9 C used
10 D between
11 B becoming
12 A stores

Your teacher has announced a short story competition. The story must end with the sentence 'It was the trip I would always remember'. Write your story (at least 50 words). Use the plan below and your own ideas:
• when and where you went on a trip;
• who you went with;
• what impressed you most during the trip.

I had the impressive trip last summer. I was in Egypt. The weather was perfect, the sea was clean and warm. I visited Cairo, the capital of the country, and saw famous pyramids. I also travelled to Jerusalem, the spiritual capital of Israel. It was the trip I would always remember!
Минулого літа у мене була вражаюча мандрівка. Я була в Єгипті. Погода була прекрасна, вода в морі чиста і тепла. Я побувала в Каїрі, столиці країни, та бачила знамениті піраміди. Я також відвідала духовну столицю Ізраїлю, Єрусалим. Це була мандрівка, про яку я пам’ятатиму завжди!

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