Test 1

Task 1. Read the text. Choose one of the variants А, В, C or D.

1. Socrates never lost his:
A patience
2. He liked to discuss philosophy with people and made them ... their point of view.
C prove
3. His enemies were sure he was able to ... the youth.
A spoil
4. If Socrates had agreed with his enemies, he wouldn’t have been:
D poisoned
5. His friends couldn’t ... him.
A save

Task 2. Read the text. Choose one of the variants А, В, C or D.

Big Ben is known as Great Britain’s most famous clock and one of London’s (1) D best known sights, situated on the bank of (2) C the river Thames and being an important part of the city’s skyscraper. It’s popular both with visitors and Londoners.

There is some misunderstanding as to the name itself. Some people refer it to the clock tower itself, (3) B the others use the name just to the clock. Factually, strictly speaking the name Big Ben is the name of one bell, the largest bell in the clock.

Irrespective of the definition, Big Ben is massive. The tower is 316 foot high. (4) A Every of the four faces of the clock is 23 foot square and the figures are each 4 foot tall.

There are some legends as to the origin of the name Big Ben. Some people consider it (5) B appeared about during the parliamentary debate to consider naming the clock — after Sir Benjamin Hall, who was known as “Big Ben” .

Another possibility is that the name referred to Benjamin Caunt, a heavyweight boxing champion of the time (6) C whose nickname was “Big Ben” .

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