Test 13

Task 1. You will hear about alternative medicine. Listen and mark the correct ending A, B, C or D for each sentence.

1. The doctors said that within just a few months I would be in a wheelchair
A for the rest of my life.

2. I sold my house, said goodbye to my friends and
B flew to Indonesia.

3. In the hut it was really dark
B but I could see lots of bowls all around.

4. The witch doctor told me to lie down and he put his hands on my head and
A started to sing.

5. Every day the witchdoctor did the same thing, and
B I drank the same liquid.

Task 2. Read the text and decide if the sentences are T (true) or F (false).

1. Holidaymakers can spend the whole year travelling. FALSE

2. Visitors are attracted to tourist resorts by the possibility to swim. FALSE

3. Holidaymakers come to Hastings to enjoy fascinating attractions. TRUE

4. Coming to St Leonards, it’s better to find out if the attractions are to your liking. TRUE

Task 3. Read the text. Choose one of the variants A, B, C or D.

1B, 2D, 3A, 4C, 5B, 6B, 7D, 8C

Зворотній зв’язок