Exam Card #1

1. Read the text, for questions 1-6 choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).

1. What problem can hotels face because of advising their customers to use their devices less?
D. Customers will not post photos of their holidays in social media.

2. According to the text which one is true?
C. The use of devices is a real problem for a lot of people.

3. What did a study show about the use of devices by young people?
D. Most young people used their devices every hour.

4. What fact did a hotel company find out about their customers?
A. It was common for their visitors to bring more than two devices.

5. What made last October special in some of the resorts?
D. The resorts started making special offers to guests for not using their mobile phones.

6. What special offer did the hotels in two American states make to their customers?
B. They offered to reduce the price for living in them if the customers did not use mobile devices.

2. Read and complete the gaps in the text with the correct option.

One of (1) B. the easiest ways to stop the spread of (2) D. disease is to simply wash your hands. Twenty seconds (3) A. of handwashing with soap and water can reduce illnesses and save lives. But many people, (4) B. especially children, do not have good handwashing habits. One problem is that children do not wash their hands often enough or long enough. Children (5) A. may think that it-'i's a tiresome thing to do.

To help solve this problem, two entrepreneurs from India (6) A. created a product to turn handwashing into a fun activity. Amanat Anand and Shubham Issar made a device (7) C. called the SoaPen. As the name suggests, the SoaPen is a pen made out of soap. The children draw on their hands with the soap pen and then wash it off. If they (8) C. do not spend enough time washing it off, the colors remain on their hands.

Issar said it ensures that children take (9) A. enough time to wash their hands. This may be very helpful in a classroom. A teacher often does not have the time (10) D. to check that each child has washed their hands properly.

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