Exam Card #2

1. Read the letter below. For questions (1-7) choose the correct answer (A, B, C or D).

1. Adele is writing Susie a letter about ...
D. her holiday in Italy

2. How does Adele feel about her holidays?
B. impressive

3. What is special about Venice?
B. narrow canals with a gondola ride

4. What was Susie busy with?
C. with moving to a new town

5. Why is the Lake Como so impressive?
D. You can hike in the mountains and enjoy the surrounding view with lots of vegetation.

6. What is Susie’s hobby?
A. painting

7. What building can you see the fantastic view over the city from?
B. the Leaning Tower of Pisa

2. Read and complete the gaps in the text with the correct option.

The Austrian capital, Vienna, is (1) B. known for its museums, palaces and high standard of living. Last year the city of 2 million people (2) C. was identified as having (3) B. the world’s highest quality of life. That opinion comes (4) A. from Mercer, a consulting agency that does a yearly Quality of Living Ranking.

Measuring quality of life is not (5) A. a simple job. Mercer says the agency looks (6) D. at many factors. For example, researchers measure (7) D. how easily people can use public transport, such as buses and trains. They ask if drivers can move well on the roads. They ask if houses and apartments are available at a good price, and whether children can (8) A. go to international schools. They think about whether people in the city can enjoy music, theater, restaurants and sports. And, they look for a healthy political and social climate. In total, the agency (9) B. considered 39 factors in 10 areas to name Vienna the winner.

Vienna (10) D. has also been ranked number one on other quality of life measurements, such as the Economist’s Global Live ability Index.

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