Exam Card #4

1. Read the advertisement and mark the statements True or False.

1. If you want to work with children, you should send an application form. FALSE
2. 14 days training course will be available for you. TRUE
3. The candidates have to be under the age of 30 years old. TRUE
4. You shouldn’t be boring, miserable, inactive and slow. TRUE
5. You won’t get paid for your job. FALSE
6. If you’re a nature-lover, unfortunately you won’t be able to spend much time outdoors. FALSE
7. During your summer work, you should forget about watching films. FALSE
8. You will never be hungry or homeless. TRUE
9. You will deal with fire while working with children. TRUE
10. Mostly you’ll be feeling bored at your work and you can get some extra weight as well. FALSE

2. Read and complete the gaps in the text with the correct option.

It is back to school time in much of the world. Calm and easy mornings (1) D are replaced with busy ones. Children wake up early and get (2) D ready for school. Many parents are also getting ready for work, helping their children and preparing food (3) D for lunch.

But don’t forget about breakfast!

When things get (4) B wildly busy in the morning, some people skip breakfast (5) A to save time. However, that may be a big mistake for students. As eating something healthy for breakfast may help a student get better grades.

(6) D Researchers from Cardiff University in Wales looked at what the students ate for breakfast and then their grades six to 18 months later.

They found that the students (7) A who ate a healthy breakfast were twice as likely to perform above average in educational activities. The researchers also found those unhealthy breakfasts, such as potato chips or a donut (8) C didn’t appear helpful to educational performance.

In 2013, an organization in the United States also looked at possible connections (9) D between breakfast and student success in school. They found that on average students who ate breakfast provided by their school (10) C attended more days of school per year and scored higher on math tests.

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